Linux Chromium Packages

Some Linux distributions package up Chromium for easy installation. Please note that Chromium is not identical to Google Chrome -- see -- and that distributions may (and actually do) make their own modifications.

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DistroContactURL for packagesURL for distro-specific patches
UbuntuOlivier Tilloy olivier.tilloy@canonical.com
ArchEvangelos Foutras evangelos@foutrelis.com
ALT LinuxAndrey Cherepanov (Андрей Черепанов) cas@altlinux.org
MageiaDexter Morgan dmorgan@mageia.org
NixOSaszlig "^[0-9]+$"@regexmail.net
OpenMandrivaBernhard Rosenkraenzer bero@lindev.chn/a
FedoraTom Callaway tcallawa@redhat.com
YoctoRaphael Kubo da Costa raphael.kubo.da.costa@intel.com
ExherboTimo Gurr tgurr@exherbo.org

Unofficial packages

Packages in this section are not part of the distro's official repositories.

DistroContactURL for packagesURL for distro-specific patches
SlackwareEric Hameleers alien@slackware.com

Other Unixes

SystemContactURL for packagesURL for patches
OpenBSDRobert Nagy robert@openbsd.org

Updating the list

Are you packaging Chromium for a Linux distro? Is the information above out of date? Please contact the folks in //build/linux/OWNERS with updates or contribute an update.

Before contacting, please note:

  • This is not the channel for technical support
  • The answer to questions about Linux distros not listed above is “We don't know”
  • Linux distros supported by Google Chrome are listed here: