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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "extensions/common/manifest_constants.h"
namespace extensions {
namespace manifest_keys {
const char kAboutPage[] = "about_page";
const char kAction[] = "action";
const char kActionDefaultIcon[] = "default_icon";
const char kActionDefaultPopup[] = "default_popup";
const char kActionDefaultState[] = "default_state";
const char kActionDefaultTitle[] = "default_title";
const char kAllFrames[] = "all_frames";
const char kAltKey[] = "altKey";
const char kApp[] = "app";
const char kAppIconColor[] = "app.icon_color";
const char kAppThemeColor[] = "app.theme_color";
const char kAutomation[] = "automation";
const char kBackgroundAllowJsAccess[] = "background.allow_js_access";
const char kBackgroundPage[] = "";
const char kBackgroundPersistent[] = "background.persistent";
const char kBackgroundScripts[] = "background.scripts";
const char kBackgroundServiceWorkerScript[] = "background.service_worker";
const char kBluetooth[] = "bluetooth";
const char kBookmarkUI[] = "bookmarks_ui";
const char kBrowserAction[] = "browser_action";
const char kChromeURLOverrides[] = "chrome_url_overrides";
const char kCommands[] = "commands";
const char kContentCapabilities[] = "content_capabilities";
const char kContentScripts[] = "content_scripts";
const char kContentSecurityPolicy[] = "content_security_policy";
const char kContentSecurityPolicy_ExtensionPagesPath[] =
const char kContentSecurityPolicy_IsolatedWorldPath[] =
const char kContentSecurityPolicy_SandboxedPagesPath[] =
const char kConvertedFromUserScript[] = "converted_from_user_script";
const char kCss[] = "css";
const char kCtrlKey[] = "ctrlKey";
const char kCurrentLocale[] = "current_locale";
const char kDeclarativeNetRequestKey[] = "declarative_net_request";
const char kDeclarativeRuleResourcesKey[] = "rule_resources";
const char kDefaultLocale[] = "default_locale";
const char kDescription[] = "description";
const char kDevToolsPage[] = "devtools_page";
const char kDisplayInLauncher[] = "display_in_launcher";
const char kDisplayInNewTabPage[] = "display_in_new_tab_page";
const char kEventName[] = "event_name";
const char kExcludeGlobs[] = "exclude_globs";
const char kExcludeMatches[] = "exclude_matches";
const char kExport[] = "export";
const char kExternallyConnectable[] = "externally_connectable";
const char kEventRules[] = "event_rules";
const char kFileAccessList[] = "file_access";
const char kFileFilters[] = "file_filters";
const char kFileBrowserHandlerId[] = "id";
const char kFileBrowserHandlers[] = "file_browser_handlers";
const char kFileHandlers[] = "file_handlers";
const char kFileHandlerExtensions[] = "extensions";
const char kFileHandlerIncludeDirectories[] = "include_directories";
const char kFileHandlerTypes[] = "types";
const char kFileHandlerVerb[] = "verb";
const char kGlobal[] = "global";
const char kHideBookmarkButton[] = "hide_bookmark_button";
const char kHomepageURL[] = "homepage_url";
const char kHostPermissions[] = "host_permissions";
const char kIcons[] = "icons";
const char kId[] = "id";
const char kImeOptionsPage[] = "options_page";
const char kImport[] = "import";
const char kIncognito[] = "incognito";
const char kIncludeGlobs[] = "include_globs";
const char kIndicator[] = "indicator";
const char kInputComponents[] = "input_components";
const char kInputView[] = "input_view";
const char kIsolation[] = "app.isolation";
const char kJs[] = "js";
const char kKey[] = "key";
const char kKeycode[] = "keyCode";
const char kKiosk[] = "kiosk";
const char kKioskAlwaysUpdate[] = "kiosk.always_update";
const char kKioskEnabled[] = "kiosk_enabled";
const char kKioskOnly[] = "kiosk_only";
const char kKioskMode[] = "kiosk_mode";
const char kKioskRequiredPlatformVersion[] = "kiosk.required_platform_version";
const char kKioskSecondaryApps[] = "kiosk_secondary_apps";
const char kLanguage[] = "language";
const char kLaunch[] = "app.launch";
const char kLaunchContainer[] = "app.launch.container";
const char kLaunchHeight[] = "app.launch.height";
const char kLaunchLocalPath[] = "app.launch.local_path";
const char kLaunchWebURL[] = "app.launch.web_url";
const char kLaunchWidth[] = "app.launch.width";
const char kLayouts[] = "layouts";
const char kLinkedAppIcons[] = "app.linked_icons";
const char kLinkedAppIconURL[] = "url";
const char kLinkedAppIconSize[] = "size";
const char kManifestVersion[] = "manifest_version";
const char kMatchAboutBlank[] = "match_about_blank";
const char kMatches[] = "matches";
const char kMinimumChromeVersion[] = "minimum_chrome_version";
const char kMinimumVersion[] = "minimum_version";
const char kMIMETypes[] = "mime_types";
const char kMimeTypesHandler[] = "mime_types_handler";
const char kName[] = "name";
const char kNaClModules[] = "nacl_modules";
const char kNaClModulesMIMEType[] = "mime_type";
const char kNaClModulesPath[] = "path";
const char kNativelyConnectable[] = "natively_connectable";
const char kOAuth2[] = "oauth2";
const char kOAuth2AutoApprove[] = "oauth2.auto_approve";
const char kOAuth2ClientId[] = "oauth2.client_id";
const char kOAuth2Scopes[] = "oauth2.scopes";
const char kOfflineEnabled[] = "offline_enabled";
const char kOmnibox[] = "omnibox";
const char kOmniboxKeyword[] = "omnibox.keyword";
const char kOptionalPermissions[] = "optional_permissions";
const char kOptionsPage[] = "options_page";
const char kOptionsUI[] = "options_ui";
const char kOverrideHomepage[] = "chrome_settings_overrides.homepage";
const char kOverrideSearchProvider[] =
const char kOverrideStartupPage[] = "chrome_settings_overrides.startup_pages";
const char kPageAction[] = "page_action";
const char kPermissions[] = "permissions";
const char kPlatformAppBackground[] = "app.background";
const char kPlatformAppBackgroundPage[] = "";
const char kPlatformAppBackgroundScripts[] = "app.background.scripts";
const char kPlatformAppContentSecurityPolicy[] = "app.content_security_policy";
const char kPublicKey[] = "key";
const char kRemoveButton[] = "remove_button";
const char kReplacementAndroidApp[] = "replacement_android_app";
const char kReplacementWebApp[] = "replacement_web_app";
const char kRequirements[] = "requirements";
const char kRunAt[] = "run_at";
const char kSandboxedPages[] = "sandbox.pages";
const char kSandboxedPagesCSP[] = "sandbox.content_security_policy";
const char kSettingsOverride[] = "chrome_settings_overrides";
const char kSettingsOverrideAlternateUrls[] =
const char kSharedModuleAllowlist[] = "allowlist";
const char kSharedModuleLegacyAllowlist[] = "whitelist";
const char kShiftKey[] = "shiftKey";
const char kShortcutKey[] = "shortcutKey";
const char kShortName[] = "short_name";
const char kSignature[] = "signature";
const char kSockets[] = "sockets";
const char kSpellcheck[] = "spellcheck";
const char kSpellcheckDictionaryFormat[] = "dictionary_format";
const char kSpellcheckDictionaryLanguage[] = "dictionary_language";
const char kSpellcheckDictionaryLocale[] = "dictionary_locale";
const char kSpellcheckDictionaryPath[] = "dictionary_path";
const char kStorageManagedSchema[] = "storage.managed_schema";
const char kSuggestedKey[] = "suggested_key";
const char kSynthesizeExtensionAction[] = "_synthesize_extension_action";
const char kSystemIndicator[] = "system_indicator";
const char kTheme[] = "theme";
const char kThemeColors[] = "colors";
const char kThemeDisplayProperties[] = "properties";
const char kThemeImages[] = "images";
const char kThemeTints[] = "tints";
const char kTtsEngine[] = "tts_engine";
const char kTtsVoices[] = "voices";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypeEnd[] = "end";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypeError[] = "error";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypeMarker[] = "marker";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypeSentence[] = "sentence";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypeStart[] = "start";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypeWord[] = "word";
const char kTtsVoicesEventTypes[] = "event_types";
const char kTtsVoicesGender[] = "gender";
const char kTtsVoicesLang[] = "lang";
const char kTtsVoicesRemote[] = "remote";
const char kTtsVoicesVoiceName[] = "voice_name";
const char kType[] = "type";
const char kUIOverride[] = "chrome_ui_overrides";
const char kUpdateURL[] = "update_url";
const char kUrlHandlers[] = "url_handlers";
const char kUrlHandlerTitle[] = "title";
const char kUsbPrinters[] = "usb_printers";
const char kVersion[] = "version";
const char kVersionName[] = "version_name";
const char kWebAccessibleResources[] = "web_accessible_resources";
const char kWebURLs[] = "app.urls";
const char kWebview[] = "webview";
const char kWebviewAccessibleResources[] = "accessible_resources";
const char kWebviewName[] = "name";
const char kWebviewPartitions[] = "partitions";
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
const char kActionHandlers[] = "action_handlers";
const char kActionHandlerActionKey[] = "action";
const char kActionHandlerEnabledOnLockScreenKey[] = "enabled_on_lock_screen";
const char kFileSystemProviderCapabilities[] =
} // namespace manifest_keys
namespace manifest_values {
const char kApiKey[] = "api_key";
const char kBrowserActionCommandEvent[] = "_execute_browser_action";
const char kIncognitoNotAllowed[] = "not_allowed";
const char kIncognitoSplit[] = "split";
const char kIncognitoSpanning[] = "spanning";
const char kIsolatedStorage[] = "storage";
const char kKeybindingPlatformChromeOs[] = "chromeos";
const char kKeybindingPlatformDefault[] = "default";
const char kKeybindingPlatformLinux[] = "linux";
const char kKeybindingPlatformMac[] = "mac";
const char kKeybindingPlatformWin[] = "windows";
const char kKeyAlt[] = "Alt";
const char kKeyComma[] = "Comma";
const char kKeyCommand[] = "Command";
const char kKeyCtrl[] = "Ctrl";
const char kKeyDel[] = "Delete";
const char kKeyDown[] = "Down";
const char kKeyEnd[] = "End";
const char kKeyHome[] = "Home";
const char kKeyIns[] = "Insert";
const char kKeyLeft[] = "Left";
const char kKeyMacCtrl[] = "MacCtrl";
const char kKeyMediaNextTrack[] = "MediaNextTrack";
const char kKeyMediaPlayPause[] = "MediaPlayPause";
const char kKeyMediaPrevTrack[] = "MediaPrevTrack";
const char kKeyMediaStop[] = "MediaStop";
const char kKeyPgDwn[] = "PageDown";
const char kKeyPgUp[] = "PageUp";
const char kKeyPeriod[] = "Period";
const char kKeyRight[] = "Right";
const char kKeySearch[] = "Search";
const char kKeySeparator[] = "+";
const char kKeyShift[] = "Shift";
const char kKeySpace[] = "Space";
const char kKeyTab[] = "Tab";
const char kKeyUp[] = "Up";
const char kRunAtDocumentStart[] = "document_start";
const char kRunAtDocumentEnd[] = "document_end";
const char kRunAtDocumentIdle[] = "document_idle";
const char kPageActionCommandEvent[] = "_execute_page_action";
const char kLaunchContainerPanelDeprecated[] = "panel";
const char kLaunchContainerTab[] = "tab";
const char kLaunchContainerWindow[] = "window";
} // namespace manifest_values
// Extension-related error messages. Some of these are simple patterns, where a
// '*' is replaced at runtime with a specific value. This is used instead of
// printf because we want to unit test them and scanf is hard to make
// cross-platform.
namespace manifest_errors {
const char kActiveTabPermissionNotGranted[] =
"The 'activeTab' permission is not in effect because this extension has "
"not been in invoked.";
const char kAllURLOrActiveTabNeeded[] =
"Either the '<all_urls>' or 'activeTab' permission is required.";
const char kAppsNotEnabled[] =
"Apps are not enabled.";
const char kBackgroundPermissionNeeded[] =
"Hosted apps that use 'background_page' must have the 'background' "
const char kBackgroundPersistentInvalidForPlatformApps[] =
"The key 'background.persistent' is not supported for packaged apps.";
const char kBackgroundRequiredForPlatformApps[] =
"Packaged apps must have a background page or background scripts.";
const char kCannotAccessAboutUrl[] =
"Cannot access \"*\" at origin \"*\". Extension must have permission to "
"access the frame's origin, and matchAboutBlank must be true.";
const char kCannotAccessChromeUrl[] = "Cannot access a chrome:// URL";
const char kCannotAccessExtensionUrl[] =
"Cannot access a chrome-extension:// URL of different extension";
// This deliberately does not contain a URL. Otherwise an extension can parse
// error messages and determine the URLs of open tabs without having appropriate
// permissions to see these URLs.
const char kCannotAccessPage[] =
"Cannot access contents of the page. "
"Extension manifest must request permission to access the respective host.";
// Use this error message with caution and only if the extension triggering it
// has tabs permission. Otherwise, URLs may be leaked to extensions.
const char kCannotAccessPageWithUrl[] =
"Cannot access contents of url \"*\". "
"Extension manifest must request permission to access this host.";
const char kCannotChangeExtensionID[] =
"Installed extensions cannot change their IDs.";
const char kCannotClaimAllHostsInExtent[] =
"Cannot claim all hosts ('*') in an extent.";
const char kCannotClaimAllURLsInExtent[] =
"Cannot claim all URLs in an extent.";
const char kCannotScriptGallery[] =
"The extensions gallery cannot be scripted.";
const char kCannotScriptNtp[] = "The New Tab Page cannot be scripted.";
const char kCannotScriptSigninPage[] =
"The sign-in page cannot be scripted.";
const char kChromeVersionTooLow[] =
"This extension requires * version * or greater.";
const char kDeclarativeNetRequestPermissionNeeded[] =
"The extension requires '*' permission for the '*' manifest key.";
const char kDefaultStateShouldNotBeSet[] =
"The default_state key cannot be set for browser_action or page_action "
const char kExpectString[] = "Expect string value.";
const char kFileNotFound[] = "File not found: *.";
const char kInvalidAboutPage[] = "Invalid value for 'about_page'.";
const char kInvalidAboutPageExpectRelativePath[] =
"Invalid value for 'about_page'. Value must be a relative path.";
const char kInvalidAction[] = "Invalid value for 'action'.";
const char kInvalidActionDefaultIcon[] = "Invalid value for 'default_icon'.";
const char kInvalidActionDefaultPopup[] = "Invalid type for 'default_popup'.";
const char kInvalidActionDefaultState[] = "Invalid value for 'default_state'.";
const char kInvalidActionDefaultTitle[] = "Invalid value for 'default_title'.";
const char kInvalidAllFrames[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].all_frames'.";
const char kInvalidAppIconColor[] = "Invalid value for app.icon_color.";
const char kInvalidAppThemeColor[] = "Invalid value for app.theme_color.";
const char kInvalidBackground[] =
"Invalid value for 'background_page'.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundAllowJsAccess[] =
"Invalid value for 'background.allow_js_access'.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundCombination[] =
"The and background.scripts properties cannot be used at "
"the same time.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundScript[] =
"Invalid value for 'background.scripts[*]'.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundScripts[] =
"Invalid value for 'background.scripts'.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundServiceWorkerScript[] =
"Invalid value for 'background.service_worker'.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundInHostedApp[] =
"Invalid value for 'background_page'. Hosted apps must specify an "
"absolute HTTPS URL for the background page.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundPersistent[] =
"Invalid value for 'background.persistent'.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundPersistentInPlatformApp[] =
"Invalid value for 'app.background.persistent'. Packaged apps do not "
"support persistent background pages and must use event pages.";
const char kInvalidBackgroundPersistentNoPage[] =
"Must specify one of or background.scripts to use"
" background.persistent.";
const char kInvalidBrowserAction[] =
"Invalid value for 'browser_action'.";
const char kInvalidChromeURLOverrides[] =
"Invalid value for 'chrome_url_overrides'.";
const char kInvalidCommandsKey[] =
"Invalid value for 'commands'.";
const char kInvalidContentCapabilities[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_capabilities'.";
const char kInvalidContentCapabilitiesMatch[] =
"Invalid content_capabilities URL pattern: *";
const char kInvalidContentCapabilitiesMatchOrigin[] =
"Domain wildcards are not allowed for content_capabilities URL patterns.";
const char kInvalidContentCapabilitiesPermission[] =
"Invalid content_capabilities permission: *.";
const char kInvalidContentScript[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*]'.";
const char kInvalidContentScriptsList[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts'.";
const char kInvalidCSPInsecureValueIgnored[] =
"'*': Ignored insecure CSP value \"*\" in directive '*'.";
const char kInvalidCSPInsecureValueError[] =
"'*': Insecure CSP value \"*\" in directive '*'.";
const char kInvalidCSPMissingSecureSrc[] =
"'*': CSP directive '*' must be specified (either explicitly, or "
"implicitly via 'default-src') and must whitelist only secure resources.";
const char kInvalidCss[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].css[*]'.";
const char kInvalidCssList[] =
"Required value 'content_scripts[*].css' is invalid.";
const char kInvalidDeclarativeNetRequestKey[] = "Invalid value for '*' key";
const char kInvalidDeclarativeRulesFileKey[] =
"Invalid value for '*.*' key. It must be a list containing a single "
const char kInvalidDefaultLocale[] =
"Invalid value for default locale - locale name must be a string.";
const char kInvalidDescription[] =
"Invalid value for 'description'.";
const char kInvalidDevToolsPage[] =
"Invalid value for 'devtools_page'.";
const char kInvalidDisplayInLauncher[] =
"Invalid value for 'display_in_launcher'.";
const char kInvalidDisplayInNewTabPage[] =
"Invalid value for 'display_in_new_tab_page'.";
const char kInvalidEmptyDictionary[] = "Empty dictionary for '*'.";
const char kInvalidExcludeMatch[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].exclude_matches[*]': *";
const char kInvalidExcludeMatches[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].exclude_matches'.";
const char kInvalidExport[] =
"Invalid value for 'export'.";
const char kInvalidExportPermissions[] =
"Permissions are not allowed for extensions that export resources.";
const char kInvalidExportAllowlist[] = "Invalid value for 'export.allowlist'.";
const char kInvalidExportAllowlistString[] =
"Invalid value for 'export.allowlist[*]'.";
const char kInvalidFileAccessList[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_access'.";
const char kInvalidFileAccessValue[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_access[*]'.";
const char kInvalidFileBrowserHandler[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_browser_handlers'.";
const char kInvalidFileBrowserHandlerId[] =
"Required value 'id' is missing or invalid.";
const char kInvalidFileBrowserHandlerMissingPermission[] =
"Declaring file browser handlers requires the fileBrowserHandler manifest "
const char kInvalidFileFiltersList[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_filters'.";
const char kInvalidFileFilterValue[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_filters[*]'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlers[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_handlers'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlersHostedAppsNotSupported[] =
"Hosted apps do not support file handlers";
const char kInvalidFileHandlersTooManyTypesAndExtensions[] =
"Too many MIME and extension file_handlers have been declared.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerExtension[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_handlers[*].extensions'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerExtensionElement[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_handlers[*].extensions[*]'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerIncludeDirectories[] =
"Invalid value for 'include_directories'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerNoTypeOrExtension[] =
"'file_handlers[*]' must contain a non-empty 'types', 'extensions' "
"or 'include_directories'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerType[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_handlers[*].types'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerTypeElement[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_handlers[*].types[*]'.";
const char kInvalidFileHandlerVerb[] =
"Invalid value for 'file_handlers[*].verb'.";
const char kInvalidGlob[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].*[*]'.";
const char kInvalidGlobList[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].*'.";
const char kInvalidHomepageOverrideURL[] =
"Invalid value for overriding homepage url: '[*]'.";
const char kInvalidHomepageURL[] =
"Invalid value for homepage url: '[*]'.";
const char kInvalidHostPermission[] =
"Invalid value for 'host_permissions[*]'.";
const char kInvalidHostPermissions[] = "Invalid value for 'host_permissions'.";
const char kInvalidIconKey[] = "Invalid key in icons: \"*\".";
const char kInvalidIconPath[] =
"Invalid value for 'icons[\"*\"]'.";
const char kInvalidIcons[] =
"Invalid value for 'icons'.";
const char kInvalidImport[] =
"Invalid value for 'import'.";
const char kInvalidImportAndExport[] =
"Simultaneous 'import' and 'export' are not allowed.";
const char kInvalidImportId[] =
"Invalid value for 'import[*].id'.";
const char kInvalidImportVersion[] =
"Invalid value for 'import[*].minimum_version'.";
const char kInvalidIncognitoBehavior[] =
"Invalid value for 'incognito'.";
const char kInvalidInputComponents[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components'";
const char kInvalidInputComponentDescription[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components[*].description";
const char kInvalidInputComponentLayoutName[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components[*].layouts[*]";
const char kInvalidInputComponentName[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components[*].name";
const char kInvalidInputComponentShortcutKey[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components[*].shortcutKey";
const char kInvalidInputComponentShortcutKeycode[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components[*].shortcutKey.keyCode";
const char kInvalidInputComponentType[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_components[*].type";
const char kInvalidInputView[] =
"Invalid value for 'input_view'.";
const char kInvalidIsolation[] =
"Invalid value for 'app.isolation'.";
const char kInvalidIsolationValue[] =
"Invalid value for 'app.isolation[*]'.";
const char kInvalidJs[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].js[*]'.";
const char kInvalidJsList[] =
"Required value 'content_scripts[*].js' is invalid.";
const char kInvalidKey[] =
"Value 'key' is missing or invalid.";
const char kInvalidKeyBinding[] =
"Invalid value for 'commands[*].*': *.";
const char kInvalidKeyBindingDescription[] =
"Invalid value for 'commands[*].description'.";
const char kInvalidKeyBindingDictionary[] =
"Contents of 'commands[*]' invalid.";
const char kInvalidKeyBindingMediaKeyWithModifier[] =
"Media key cannot have any modifier for 'commands[*].*': *.";
const char kInvalidKeyBindingMissingPlatform[] =
"Could not find key specification for 'command[*].*': Either specify a key "
"for '*', or specify a default key.";
const char kInvalidKeyBindingTooMany[] =
"Too many shortcuts specified for 'commands': The maximum is *.";
const char kInvalidKeyBindingUnknownPlatform[] =
"Unknown platform for 'command[*]': *. Valid values are: 'windows', 'mac'"
" 'chromeos', 'linux' and 'default'.";
const char kInvalidKioskAlwaysUpdate[] =
"Invalid value for 'kiosk.always_update'.";
const char kInvalidKioskEnabled[] =
"Invalid value for 'kiosk_enabled'.";
const char kInvalidKioskOnly[] =
"Invalid value for 'kiosk_only'.";
const char kInvalidKioskOnlyButNotEnabled[] =
"The 'kiosk_only' key is set, but 'kiosk_enabled' is not set.";
const char kInvalidKioskRequiredPlatformVersion[] =
"Invalid value for 'kiosk.required_platform_version'";
const char kInvalidKioskSecondaryApps[] =
"Invalid value for 'kiosk_secondary_apps'";
const char kInvalidKioskSecondaryAppsBadAppEntry[] =
"Invalid app item for 'kiosk_secondary_apps'";
const char kInvalidKioskSecondaryAppsDuplicateApp[] =
"Duplicate app id in 'kiosk_secondary_apps': '*'.";
const char kInvalidKioskSecondaryAppsPropertyUnavailable[] =
"Property '*' not allowed for 'kiosk_secondary_apps' item '*'.";
const char kInvalidLaunchContainer[] =
"Invalid value for 'app.launch.container'.";
const char kInvalidLaunchValue[] =
"Invalid value for '*'.";
const char kInvalidLaunchValueContainer[] =
"Invalid container type for '*'.";
const char kInvalidLinkedAppIcon[] =
"Invalid linked app icon. Must be a dictionary";
const char kInvalidLinkedAppIconSize[] =
"Invalid 'size' for linked app icon. Must be an integer";
const char kInvalidLinkedAppIconURL[] =
"Invalid 'url' for linked app icon. Must be a string that is a valid URL";
const char kInvalidLinkedAppIcons[] =
"Invalid 'app.linked_icons'. Must be an array";
const char kInvalidManifest[] = "Manifest file is invalid";
const char kInvalidManifestKey[] = "Invalid value for '*'.";
const char kInvalidManifestVersion[] =
"Invalid value for 'manifest_version'. Must be an integer greater than "
const char kInvalidManifestVersionOld[] =
"The 'manifest_version' key must be present and set to * (without quotes). "
"See*/manifestVersion.html for details.";
const char kInvalidMatch[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].matches[*]': *";
const char kInvalidMatchAboutBlank[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].match_about_blank'.";
const char kInvalidMatchCount[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].matches'. There must be at least "
"one match specified.";
const char kInvalidMatches[] =
"Required value 'content_scripts[*].matches' is missing or invalid.";
const char kInvalidMIMETypes[] =
"Invalid value for 'mime_types'";
const char kInvalidMimeTypesHandler[] =
"Invalid value for 'mime_types'.";
const char kInvalidMinimumChromeVersion[] =
"Invalid value for 'minimum_chrome_version'.";
const char kInvalidName[] =
"Required value 'name' is missing or invalid.";
const char kInvalidNativelyConnectable[] =
"Invalid natively_connectable. Must be a list.";
const char kInvalidNativelyConnectableValue[] =
"Invalid natively_connectable value. Must be a non-empty string.";
const char kInvalidNaClModules[] =
"Invalid value for 'nacl_modules'.";
const char kInvalidNaClModulesPath[] =
"Invalid value for 'nacl_modules[*].path'.";
const char kInvalidNaClModulesMIMEType[] =
"Invalid value for 'nacl_modules[*].mime_type'.";
const char kInvalidOAuth2AutoApprove[] =
"Invalid value for 'oauth2.auto_approve'. Value must be true or false.";
const char kInvalidOAuth2ClientId[] =
"Invalid value for 'oauth2.client_id'.";
const char kInvalidOAuth2Scopes[] =
"Invalid value for 'oauth2.scopes'.";
const char kInvalidOfflineEnabled[] =
"Invalid value for 'offline_enabled'.";
const char kInvalidOmniboxKeyword[] =
"Invalid value for 'omnibox.keyword'.";
const char kInvalidOptionsPage[] = "Invalid value for '*'.";
const char kInvalidOptionsPageExpectUrlInPackage[] =
"Invalid value for 'options_page'. Value must be a relative path.";
const char kInvalidOptionsPageInHostedApp[] =
"Invalid value for 'options_page'. Hosted apps must specify an "
"absolute URL.";
const char kInvalidOptionsUIChromeStyle[] =
"Invalid value for 'options_ui.chrome_style'.";
const char kInvalidOptionsUIOpenInTab[] =
"Invalid value for 'options_ui.open_in_tab'.";
const char kInvalidPageAction[] =
"Invalid value for 'page_action'.";
const char kInvalidPermissionWithDetail[] =
"Invalid value for 'permissions[*]': *.";
const char kInvalidPermission[] =
"Invalid value for 'permissions[*]'.";
const char kInvalidPermissions[] =
"Invalid value for 'permissions'.";
const char kInvalidPermissionScheme[] =
"Invalid scheme for 'permissions[*]'.";
const char kInvalidReplacementAndroidApp[] =
"Invalid value for 'replacement_android_app'";
const char kInvalidReplacementWebApp[] =
"Invalid value for 'replacement_web_app'.";
const char kInvalidRequirement[] =
"Invalid value for requirement \"*\"";
const char kInvalidRequirements[] =
"Invalid value for 'requirements'";
const char kInvalidRunAt[] =
"Invalid value for 'content_scripts[*].run_at'.";
const char kInvalidSandboxedPagesList[] =
"Invalid value for 'sandbox.pages'.";
const char kInvalidSandboxedPage[] =
"Invalid value for 'sandbox.pages[*]'.";
const char kInvalidSearchEngineMissingKeys[] =
"Missing mandatory parameters for "
const char kInvalidSearchEngineURL[] =
"Invalid URL [*] for 'chrome_settings_overrides.search_provider'.";
const char kInvalidShortName[] =
"Invalid value for 'short_name'.";
const char kInvalidSignature[] =
"Value 'signature' is missing or invalid.";
const char kInvalidSpellcheck[] =
"Invalid value for 'spellcheck'.";
const char kInvalidSpellcheckDictionaryFormat[] =
"Invalid value for spellcheck dictionary format.";
const char kInvalidSpellcheckDictionaryLanguage[] =
"Invalid value for spellcheck dictionary language.";
const char kInvalidSpellcheckDictionaryLocale[] =
"Invalid value for spellcheck dictionary locale.";
const char kInvalidSpellcheckDictionaryPath[] =
"Invalid value for spellcheck dictionary path.";
const char kInvalidStartupOverrideURL[] =
"Invalid value for overriding startup URL: '[*]'.";
const char kInvalidSystemIndicator[] =
"Invalid value for 'system_indicator'.";
const char kInvalidTheme[] =
"Invalid value for 'theme'.";
const char kInvalidThemeColors[] =
"Invalid value for theme colors - colors must be integers";
const char kInvalidThemeColorAppType[] =
"Only bookmark apps are allowed to use app.theme_color";
const char kInvalidThemeImages[] =
"Invalid value for theme images - images must be strings.";
const char kInvalidThemeImagesMissing[] =
"An image specified in the theme is missing.";
const char kInvalidThemeTints[] =
"Invalid value for theme images - tints must be decimal numbers.";
const char kInvalidTts[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine'.";
const char kInvalidTtsVoices[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine.voices'.";
const char kInvalidTtsVoicesEventTypes[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine.voices[*].event_types'.";
const char kInvalidTtsVoicesGender[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine.voices[*].gender'.";
const char kInvalidTtsVoicesLang[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine.voices[*].lang'.";
const char kInvalidTtsVoicesRemote[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine.voices[*].remote'.";
const char kInvalidTtsVoicesVoiceName[] =
"Invalid value for 'tts_engine.voices[*].voice_name'.";
const char kInvalidUpdateURL[] =
"Invalid value for update url: '[*]'.";
const char kInvalidURLHandlers[] =
"Invalid value for 'url_handlers'.";
const char kInvalidURLHandlerPatternElement[] =
"Invalid value for 'url_handlers[*]'.";
const char kInvalidURLHandlerTitle[] =
"Invalid value for 'url_handlers[*].title'.";
const char kInvalidURLHandlerPattern[] =
"Invalid value for 'url_handlers[*].matches[*]'.";
const char kInvalidURLPatternError[] =
"Invalid url pattern '*'";
const char kInvalidVersion[] =
"Required value 'version' is missing or invalid. It must be between 1-4 "
"dot-separated integers each between 0 and 65536.";
const char kInvalidVersionName[] = "Invalid value for 'version_name'.";
const char kInvalidWebAccessibleResourcesList[] =
"Invalid value for 'web_accessible_resources'.";
const char kInvalidWebAccessibleResource[] =
"Invalid value for 'web_accessible_resources[*]'.";
const char kInvalidWebview[] =
"Invalid value for 'webview'.";
const char kInvalidWebviewAccessibleResourcesList[] =
"Invalid value for'webview.accessible_resources'.";
const char kInvalidWebviewAccessibleResource[] =
"Invalid value for 'webview.accessible_resources[*]'.";
const char kInvalidWebviewPartition[] =
"Invalid value for 'webview.partitions[*]'.";
const char kInvalidWebviewPartitionName[] =
"Invalid value for 'webview.partitions[*].name'.";
const char kInvalidWebviewPartitionsList[] =
"Invalid value for 'webview.partitions'.";
const char kInvalidWebURL[] =
"Invalid value for 'app.urls[*]': *";
const char kInvalidWebURLs[] =
"Invalid value for 'app.urls'.";
const char kInvalidZipHash[] =
"Required key 'zip_hash' is missing or invalid.";
const char kKeyIsDeprecatedWithReplacement[] =
"Key \"*\" is deprecated. Key \"*\" should be used instead.";
const char kLaunchPathAndExtentAreExclusive[] =
"The 'app.launch.local_path' and 'app.urls' keys cannot both be set.";
const char kLaunchPathAndURLAreExclusive[] =
"The 'app.launch.local_path' and 'app.launch.web_url' keys cannot "
"both be set.";
const char kLaunchURLRequired[] =
"Either 'app.launch.local_path' or 'app.launch.web_url' is required.";
const char kLocalesInvalidLocale[] =
"Invalid locale file '*': *";
const char kLocalesMessagesFileMissing[] =
"Messages file is missing for locale.";
const char kLocalesNoDefaultMessages[] =
"Default locale is defined but default data couldn't be loaded.";
const char kLocalesNoValidLocaleNamesListed[] =
"No valid locale name could be found in _locales directory.";
const char kLocalesTreeMissing[] =
"Default locale was specified, but _locales subtree is missing.";
const char kManifestParseError[] =
"Manifest is not valid JSON.";
const char kManifestUnreadable[] = "Manifest file is missing or unreadable";
const char kManifestVersionTooHighWarning[] =
"The maximum currently-supported manifest version is *, but this is *. "
"Certain features may not work as expected.";
const char kMissingFile[] =
"At least one js or css file is required for 'content_scripts[*]'.";
const char kMultipleOverrides[] =
"An extension cannot override more than one page.";
const char kNoWildCardsInPaths[] =
"Wildcards are not allowed in extent URL pattern paths.";
const char kNPAPIPluginsNotSupported[] = "NPAPI plugins are not supported.";
const char kOneUISurfaceOnly[] =
"Only one of 'browser_action', 'page_action', and 'app' can be specified.";
const char kPageCaptureNeeded[] = "'pageCapture' permission is required.";
const char kPermissionMarkedOptionalAndRequired[] =
"Optional permission '*' is redundant with the required permissions;"
"this permission will be omitted.";
const char kPermissionMustBeOptional[] =
"Permission '*' must be specified in the optional section of the manifest.";
const char kPermissionNotAllowed[] =
"Access to permission '*' denied.";
const char kPermissionNotAllowedInManifest[] =
"Permission '*' cannot be specified in the manifest.";
const char kPermissionUnknownOrMalformed[] =
"Permission '*' is unknown or URL pattern is malformed.";
const char kPluginsRequirementDeprecated[] =
"The \"plugins\" requirement is deprecated.";
const char kReservedMessageFound[] =
"Reserved key * found in message catalog.";
const char kSandboxPagesCSPKeyNotAllowed[] =
"The Content Security Policy for sandboxed pages should be specified in "
const char kRulesFileIsInvalid[] =
"Invalid value for key '*.*': The provided path is invalid.";
const char kTransientBackgroundConflictsWithPersistentBackground[] =
"The 'transientBackground' permission cannot be used with a persistent "
"background page.";
const char kTtsGenderIsDeprecated[] =
"Voice gender is deprecated and values will be ignored starting in Chrome "
const char kUnrecognizedManifestKey[] = "Unrecognized manifest key '*'.";
const char kUnrecognizedManifestProperty[] =
"Unrecognized property '*' of manifest key '*'.";
const char kUrlHandlersInHostedApps[] =
"'url_handlers' cannot be used in Hosted Apps.";
const char kWebRequestConflictsWithLazyBackground[] =
"The 'webRequest' API cannot be used with event pages.";
#if defined(OS_CHROMEOS)
const char kDuplicateActionHandlerFound[] =
"'action_handlers' list contains duplicate entries for the action: \"*\".";
const char kIllegalPlugins[] =
"Extensions cannot install plugins on Chrome OS.";
const char kInvalidActionHandlerDictionary[] =
"Invalid action handler dictionary in 'action_handlers': 'action' key "
const char kInvalidActionHandlersActionType[] =
"Invalid entry in 'action_handlers': \"*\".";
const char kInvalidActionHandlersType[] =
"Invalid value for 'action_handlers'. Value must be a list of strings or a "
"dictionary with 'action' key.";
const char kInvalidFileSystemProviderMissingCapabilities[] =
"The 'fileSystemProvider' permission requires the "
"'file_system_provider_capabilities' section to be specified in the "
const char kInvalidFileSystemProviderMissingPermission[] =
"The 'file_system_provider_capabilities' section requires the "
"'fileSystemProvider' permission to be specified in the manifest.";
} // namespace manifest_errors
} // namespace extensions