Blink Scheduler

This directory contains the Blink Scheduler, which coordinates task execution in renderer processes. The main subdirectories are:

  • public -- contains the interfaces which scheduler exposes to the other parts of Blink (FrameScheduler, PageScheduler, WorkerScheduler and others). Other code in Blink should not depend on files outside of this directory.
  • common -- contains ThreadSchedulerImpl which is the base class for all thread schedulers, as well as other functionality which is required for both main thread and worker threads.
  • main_thread -- contains implementation of the main thread scheduler (MainThreadSchedulerImpl) and main thread scheduling policies.
  • worker -- contains implementation of scheduling infrastructure for the non-main threads (compositor thread, worker threads).

The scheduler exposes an API to the content layer at public/platform/scheduler.

Further reading

Overview of task scheduling in Blink. Collection of scheduling-related documentation.