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This directory contains the source code of the Memory Inspector Chrome App. The
app runs the Memory Inspector inside PNaCl and can therefore be easily
distributed without the Chromium tree. It uses several files from the naclports
python package. Note that it requires the ADB daemon to be running on the host
machine (run 'adb start-server').
The app is built as follows (see for more details):
1. The output directory out/ is cleaned.
2. The contents of the template/ directory are copied/linked to
3. Prebuilt files for running Python inside PNaCl are downloaded from to out/memory_inspector_app/ and
4. The out/memory_inspector_app/sandbox/pydata_pnacl.tar file is augmented
with Memory Inspector dependencies (e.g. ../memory_inspector/).
5. The app can now be added to Chrome by loading the out/memory_inspector_app
folder as unpacked extension in chrome://extensions. A zip file
out/ is also generated for easy distribution.
The app is currently (January 2015) in a very early stage of development. If you
encounter any issues, please report them on and use the Memory
Inspector directly by running ../start_web_ui instead.
For more information see:
- Meta-bug:
- naclports: