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This tool is designed to measure and aggregate a few key performance metrics for all Chrome processes over time. The tool supports other browsers such as Edge or Firefox, or in fact any other processes. The inclusion of processes is based on a simple partial process image name match against the image name argument (optional, chrome.exe is the default image name used when no argument is provided).


Open IdleWakeups.sln in Visual Studio and select Build > Build Solution (F7). IdleWakeups.exe can then be found in src/tools/win/IdleWakeups/x64/Debug/.


IdleWakeups.exe to match all Chrome processes.

IdleWakeups.exe Firefox to match all Firefox processes.

IdleWakeups.exe msedge to match all Edge processes.

IdleWakeups.exe 12345 to match process ID 12345 and its child processes.

The process matching the provided parameter is identified by case-sensitive string prefix, e.g., some_process and some_process.exe would both work. If the parameter is numeric and a valid process ID, it is treated as a process ID.

When the tool starts it begins gathering and aggregating CPU usage, private working set size, number of context switches / sec, and power usage for all matched processes. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the measurements and print average and median values over the entire measurement interval.

By default, CPU usage is normalized to one CPU core, with 100% meaning one CPU core is fully utilized.

Intel Power Gadget is required to allow IdleWakeups tool to query power usage.

Optional command-line flags:

  • --cpu-seconds: display CPU time in seconds rather than by percentage.

  • --stop-on-exit: stop measurement automatically when target process exits.

  • --tabbed: output summary only, in tab-delimited format; useful for copying to a spreadsheet.