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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Use the <code>chrome.mdns</code> API to discover services over mDNS.
// This comprises a subset of the features of the NSD spec:
namespace mdns {
// Represents a mDNS/DNS-SD service.
dictionary MDnsService {
// The service name of an mDNS advertised service,
// <instance_name>.<service_type>.
DOMString serviceName;
// The host:port pair of an mDNS advertised service.
DOMString serviceHostPort;
// The IP address of an mDNS advertised service.
DOMString ipAddress;
// Metadata for an mDNS advertised service.
DOMString[] serviceData;
// Callback invoked after ForceDiscovery() has started.
callback VoidCallback = void();
interface Functions {
// Immediately issues a multicast DNS query for all service types.
// |callback| is invoked immediately. At a later time, queries will be
// sent, and any service events will be fired.
[supportsPromises] static void forceDiscovery(VoidCallback callback);
interface Properties {
// The maximum number of service instances that will be included in
// onServiceList events. If more instances are available, they may be
// truncated from the onServiceList event.
[value=2048] static long MAX_SERVICE_INSTANCES_PER_EVENT();
interface Events {
// Event fired to inform clients of the current complete set of known
// available services. Clients should only need to store the list from the
// most recent event. The service type that the extension is interested in
// discovering should be specified as the event filter with the
// 'serviceType' key. Not specifying an event filter will not start any
// discovery listeners.
[supportsFilters=true, maxListeners=10] static void onServiceList(
MDnsService[] services);