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// Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
namespace chromecast {
namespace feature {
// TODO(b/187758538): Upstream more Feature Constants here.
// TODO(b/187524799): Remove this feature when the related features are
// deprecated.
extern const char kEnableTrackControlAppRendererFeatureUse[];
// The app can use playready.
extern const char kEnablePlayready[];
extern const char kKeyAppId[];
// If dev mode is enabled, kDevModeOrigin will be set with origin url
extern const char kEnableDevMode[];
extern const char kDevModeOrigin[];
// Permit subscription to platform system gesture events?
extern const char kEnableSystemGestures[];
// Enables window APIs for the webpage (show/hide, etc.)
extern const char kEnableWindowControls[];
// Enable mojo connection for the settings UI.
extern const char kEnableSettingsUiMojo[];
// Disable blink background tab timer throttling for making sure application in
// in mini tile mode runs smoothly.
extern const char kDisableBackgroundTabTimerThrottle[];
// Sets RenderFrameMediaPlaybackOptions::kIsBackgroundMediaSuspendEnabled to
// false.
extern const char kDisableBackgroundSuspend[];
// Enable sending/receiving messages to/from libassistant
extern const char kEnableAssistantMessagePipe[];
// Enable a standalone demo app to control privileged features.
extern const char kEnableDemoStandaloneMode[];
// Cast Core constants for ApplicationConfig.extra_features.
extern const char kCastCoreRendererFeatures[];
extern const char kCastCoreEnforceFeaturePermissions[];
extern const char kCastCoreFeaturePermissions[];
extern const char kCastCoreFeaturePermissionOrigins[];
extern const char kCastCoreAllowMediaAccess[];
extern const char kCastCoreForce720p[];
extern const char kCastCoreIsAudioOnly[];
extern const char kCastCoreIsRemoteControlMode[];
extern const char kCastCoreLogJsConsoleMessages[];
extern const char kCastCoreTurnOnScreen[];
} // namespace feature
} // namespace chromecast