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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file deliberately has no header guard, as it's inlined in a number of
// files.
// no-include-guard-because-multiply-included
// Disables the QUIC protocol.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kDisableQuic, "disable-quic")
// Disables the HTTP/2 protocol.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kDisableHttp2, "disable-http2")
// Enables Alternate-Protocol when the port is user controlled (> 1024).
// Enables the QUIC protocol. This is a temporary testing flag.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kEnableQuic, "enable-quic")
// Ignores certificate-related errors.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kIgnoreCertificateErrors, "ignore-certificate-errors")
// Specifies a comma separated list of host-port pairs to force use of QUIC on.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kOriginToForceQuicOn, "origin-to-force-quic-on")
// Disables known-root checks for outgoing WebTransport connections.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kWebTransportDeveloperMode, "webtransport-developer-mode")
// Specifies a comma separated list of QUIC connection options to send to
// the server.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kQuicConnectionOptions, "quic-connection-options")
// Specifies a comma separated list of QUIC client connection options.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kQuicClientConnectionOptions, "quic-client-connection-options")
// Specifies the maximum length for a QUIC packet.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kQuicMaxPacketLength, "quic-max-packet-length")
// Specifies the version of QUIC to use.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kQuicVersion, "quic-version")
// Allows for forcing socket connections to http/https to use fixed ports.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kTestingFixedHttpPort, "testing-fixed-http-port")
NETWORK_SWITCH(kTestingFixedHttpsPort, "testing-fixed-https-port")
// Comma-separated list of rules that control how hostnames are mapped.
// For example:
// "MAP *" --> Forces all hostnames to be mapped to
// "MAP * proxy" --> Forces all subdomains to be
// resolved to "proxy".
// "MAP [::1]:77 --> Forces "" to resolve to IPv6 loopback.
// Will also force the port of the resulting
// socket address to be 77.
// "MAP * baz, EXCLUDE" --> Remaps everything to "baz",
// except for "".
// These mappings apply to the endpoint host in a net::URLRequest (the TCP
// connect and host resolver in a direct connection, and the CONNECT in an http
// proxy connection, and the endpoint host in a SOCKS proxy connection).
// TODO(mmenke): Can we just remove this? host-resolver-rules is more generally
// useful.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kHostRules, "host-rules")
// Enable "greasing" HTTP/2 frame types, that is, sending frames of reserved
// types. See for
// more detail.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kHttp2GreaseFrameType, "http2-grease-frame-type")
// If request has no body, close the stream not by setting END_STREAM flag on
// the HEADERS frame, but by sending an empty DATA frame with END_STREAM
// afterwards. Only affects HTTP/2 request streams, not proxy or bidirectional
// streams.
NETWORK_SWITCH(kHttp2EndStreamWithDataFrame, "http2-end-stream-with-data-frame")