When writing multiline descriptions, single line returns may be used to keep the line lengths reasonably short (~80 characters). Those single line returns will be ignored in the generated documentation.

If you want an explicit line return in the generated documentation, use double line returns.

To ensure consistency in policy descriptions, the following is a mapping of how various product names and the like should be referenced. All placeholders tags must be opened and closed on the same line to avoid validation errors.

  • Chrome: <ph name="PRODUCT_NAME">$1<ex>Google Chrome</ex></ph>
  • ChromeOS: <ph name="PRODUCT_OS_NAME">$2<ex>Google ChromeOS</ex></ph>
  • Chrome Browser Cloud Management: <ph name="CHROME_BROWSER_CLOUD_MANAGEMENT_NAME">Chrome Browser Cloud Management</ph>
  • Chrome Cleanup: <ph name="CHROME_CLEANUP_NAME">Chrome Cleanup</ph>
  • Chrome Sync: <ph name="CHROME_SYNC_NAME">Chrome Sync</ph>
  • Chrome Remote Desktop: <ph name="CHROME_REMOTE_DESKTOP_PRODUCT_NAME">Chrome Remote Desktop</ph>
  • Linux: <ph name="LINUX_OS_NAME">Linux</ph>
  • Internet Explorer: <ph name="IE_PRODUCT_NAME">Internet® Explorer®</ph>
  • Google Admin console: <ph name="GOOGLE_ADMIN_CONSOLE_PRODUCT_NAME">Google Admin console</ph>
  • Google Calendar: <ph name="GOOGLE_CALENDAR_NAME">Google Calendar</ph>
  • Google Cast: <ph name="PRODUCT_NAME">Google Cast</ph>
  • Google Cloud Print: <ph name="CLOUD_PRINT_NAME">Google Cloud Print</ph>
  • Google Drive: <ph name="GOOGLE_DRIVE_NAME">Google Drive</ph>
  • Google Update: <ph name="GOOGLE_UPDATE_NAME">Google Update</ph>
  • Google Workspace: <ph name="GOOGLE_WORKSPACE_PRODUCT_NAME">Google Workspace</ph>
  • Lacros: <ph name="LACROS_NAME">Lacros</ph>
  • Android: <ph name="ANDROID_NAME">Android</ph>
  • macOS: <ph name="MAC_OS_NAME">macOS</ph>
  • iOS: <ph name="IOS_NAME">iOS</ph>
  • Windows: <ph name="MS_WIN_NAME">Microsoft® Windows®</ph>
  • Microsoft ActiveDirectory: <ph name="MS_AD_NAME">Microsoft® Active Directory®</ph>
  • Fuchsia: <ph name="FUCHSIA_OS_NAME">Fuchsia</ph>