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  4. root_store.certs
  5. root_store.textproto
  6. test_store.certs
  7. test_store.textproto

Chrome Root Store

This directory contains the in development definition of the Chrome Root Store. It is currently not used for trust decisions in Chrome.

The root store is defined by two files:

  • root_store.textproto file, which is a RootStore protobuf message, defined in //net/cert/root_store.proto.

  • root_store.certs which stores the certificates referenced by root_store.textproto

The root_store_tool uses the two files above to generate code that is included in Chrome. This generated code will eventually be used for trust decisions in Chrome.


To test the Chrome Root store, do the following:

  • On M102 or higher on Windows, run Chrome with the following flag:


As of 2022-06, an example of a web site that is trusted by Windows Root Store but not by Chrome Root Store is This can be used to test if Chrome Root Store is turned on or not (for best results use a fresh incognito window to avoid any caching issues).

If you're running 104.0.5110.0 or higher, the currently used Chrome Root Store version can be seen in a NetLog dump.