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# Copyright 2021 The Chromium Authors
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Module for custom data types."""
from typing import Any
from flake_suppressor_common import common_typing as ct
from unexpected_passes_common import data_types as unexpected_dt
class Expectation(unexpected_dt.Expectation):
"""Container for a test expectation.
Re-uses the unexpected pass finder's equivalent class, but updates the
check to work with the flake suppressor's Result class instead of the
unexpected pass finder's.
Does not contain information on suite/expectation file, so these are expected
to be separated based on that.
def AppliesToResult(self, result: 'Result') -> bool:
assert isinstance(result, Result)
return self._comp(result.test) and self.tags <= set(result.tags)
class Result():
"""Container for a test result.
Contains all the relevant information we get back from BigQuery for a result
for the purposes of the flake finder.
def __init__(self, suite: str, test: str, tags: ct.TagTupleType,
build_id: str):
assert isinstance(tags, tuple), 'Tags must be in tuple form to be hashable'
# Results should not have any globs.
assert '*' not in test
self.suite = suite
self.test = test
self.tags = tags
self.build_id = build_id
def __eq__(self, other: Any) -> bool:
return (isinstance(other, Result) and self.suite == other.suite
and self.test == other.test and self.tags == other.tags
and self.build_id == other.build_id)
def __hash__(self) -> int:
return hash((self.suite, self.test, self.tags, self.build_id))