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Tracing related scripts

This folder contains two tracing related scripts. is a wrapper around build/android/adb_profile_chrome_startup except that it allows you to run the startup tracing with the same parameters multiple times (plus a few other things). The output of (or build/android/adb_profile_chrome_startup) can then be processed by takes a directory and a name prefix of multiple tracing reports and extracts some events from them and then print it out as a tab separated table for you to copy and paste into sheets for further numerical analysys. Both of these scripts together allow you to run startup tracing on a device multiple times, extract the startup trace events you are tracking from all the trace files and output it in an easy way for you to perform numerical analysis on the results.

Some useful things that the script does:

  • Numbers traces from repeated invocations. I.e. you can invoke foo/bar 10 times, which would produce foo/bar-10s.html, foo/bar-10s~1.html, foo/bar-10s~2.html … foo/bar-10s~9.html. Note that default duration (10s) is appended to the path, same is true for most other options.

  • Captures logcat of the tracing duration, and greps for processes started / killed. I added this option in early days, when Chrome was causing startup of various GMS processes, which was severely affecting startup time (especially on 512MiB). It‘s a good idea to keep an eye on “Processes started / died” section of the script output. Generally you should see only browser/renderer there. There might be some unrelated processes, but if you reliably see a processes being started with Chrome, that’s a problem. (There is also --killg option, which causes the script to kill some GMS processes, but I‘m not sure if it’s relevant anymore).

  • Automatically grants READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions.

  • Parses resulting trace file and extracts various startup timings (see below).

  • Has --repeat=N option, which causes script to do N measurements, and

Only the output_tag is required all other arguments would be set to reasonable defaults.

  usage: <output_tag> [arguments]


      this is the directory+filename prefix for all the trace output starting from
      the current working directory. eg: w/android_go_512/with_patch
      one of canary, dev, beta, stable or chrome (default). chrome refers to clankium
      start chrome with URL
      cold start chrome ie. drop page caches
      (default) the opposite of cold
      enable only these categories for tracing
      kills gapps and gms processes before starting tracing
      trace for the first N seconds (default 10)
      repeat the tracing N times
      instead of tracing analyse the trace files (and meminfo files if applicable)
      of all trace runs with output_tag
      runs dumpsys meminfo on the device before and after each trace
      which events to extract from the tracefile to display
      the WebAPK package name for WebAPK startup tracing
      extra chrome tracing categories to record

  usage: [-h] [--print-none-histograms]
                                     [--print-events PRINT_EVENTS]
                                     [--experimental] [--report] [--csv]

  positional arguments:

  optional arguments:
    -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                          Print histograms with None values.
    --print-events PRINT_EVENTS
                          Print events matching the specified regex.
    --experimental        Enable experimental stuff.
    --report              Present information as a tab-separated table.
    --csv                 Separate report values by commas (not tabs).