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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import math
from style_variable_generator.base_generator import Color, Modes, VariableType
from style_variable_generator.css_generator import CSSStyleGenerator
class ViewsStyleGenerator(CSSStyleGenerator):
'''Generator for Views Variables'''
def GetName():
return 'Views'
def Render(self):
return self.ApplyTemplate(self, 'views_generator_h.tmpl',
def GetParameters(self):
return {
'colors': self._CreateColorList(),
'opacities': self.model[VariableType.OPACITY],
def GetFilters(self):
return {
'to_const_name': self._ToConstName,
'cpp_color': self._CppColor,
'alpha_to_hex': self._AlphaToHex,
'cpp_opacity': self._CppOpacity,
'to_css_var_name': self.ToCSSVarName,
'css_color_rgb': self.CSSColorRGB,
def GetGlobals(self):
globals = {
'Modes': Modes,
'out_file_path': None,
'namespace_name': None,
'in_files': sorted(self.in_file_to_context.keys()),
'css_color_var': self.CSSColorVar,
if self.out_file_path:
globals['out_file_path'] = self.out_file_path
globals['namespace_name'] = os.path.splitext(
return globals
def _CreateColorList(self):
color_list = []
for name, mode_values in self.model[VariableType.COLOR].items():
color_list.append({'name': name, 'mode_values': mode_values})
return color_list
def _ToConstName(self, var_name):
return 'k%s' % var_name.title().replace('_', '')
def _AlphaToHex(self, opacity):
return '0x%X' % math.floor(opacity.a * 255)
def _CppOpacity(self, opacity):
if opacity.a != -1:
return self._AlphaToHex(opacity)
elif opacity.var:
return ('GetOpacity(OpacityName::%s, is_dark_mode)' %
raise ValueError('Invalid opacity: ' + repr(opacity))
def _CppColor(self, c):
'''Returns the C++ color representation of |c|'''
assert (isinstance(c, Color))
if c.var:
return (
'ResolveColor(ColorName::%s, is_dark_mode, use_debug_colors)' %
if c.rgb_var:
return ('SkColorSetA(ResolveColor(' +
'ColorName::%s, is_dark_mode, use_debug_colors), %s)' %
c.RGBVarToVar()), self._CppOpacity(c.opacity)))
if c.opacity.a != 1:
return 'SkColorSetARGB(%s, 0x%X, 0x%X, 0x%X)' % (self._CppOpacity(
c.opacity), c.r, c.g, c.b)
return 'SkColorSetRGB(0x%X, 0x%X, 0x%X)' % (c.r, c.g, c.b)