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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
// Holds the auditor processing results on one unit of annotation or function.
class AuditorResult {
enum class Type {
RESULT_OK, // No error
RESULT_IGNORE, // The item does not require further processing.
ERROR_FATAL, // A fatal error that should stop process.
ERROR_MISSING_TAG_USED, // A function is called with
ERROR_NO_ANNOTATION, // A function is called with NO_ANNOTATION tag.
// Deprecated, as NO_ANNOTATION is now undefined on
// supported platforms.
ERROR_SYNTAX, // Annotation syntax is not right.
ERROR_RESERVED_ID_HASH_CODE, // An id has a hash code equal to a reserved
// word.
ERROR_DEPRECATED_ID_HASH_CODE, // An id has a hash code equal to a
// deprecated one.
ERROR_HASH_CODE_COLLISION, // Two ids have equal hash codes.
ERROR_REPEATED_ID, // An id is used in two places without proper
// matching conditions. Proper conditions
// include cases that two annotations are
// completing each other or are different
// branches of one completing annotation.
ERROR_ID_INVALID_CHARACTER, // An id contanins a characer which is not
// alphanumeric or underline.
ERROR_MISSING_ANNOTATION, // A function that requires annotation is not
// annotated.
ERROR_MISSING_SECOND_ID, // Annotation does not have a valid second id.
ERROR_INCOMPLETE_ANNOTATION, // Annotation has some missing fields.
ERROR_INCONSISTENT_ANNOTATION, // Annotation has some inconsistent fields.
ERROR_MISSING_GROUPING, // Annotation is missing from
// summary/grouping.xml file.
ERROR_MERGE_FAILED, // Two annotations that are supposed to merge
// cannot merge.
ERROR_INCOMPLETED_ANNOTATION, // A partial or [branched_] completing
// annotation is not paired with any other
// annotation to be completed.
ERROR_DIRECT_ASSIGNMENT, // A value is directly assigned to a mutable
// annotation or annotation initialized with
// list expresssion.
ERROR_ANNOTATIONS_XML_UPDATE, // Annotations XML requires update.
ERROR_TEST_ANNOTATION, // Annotation for tests is used.
ERROR_INVALID_OS, // Invalid 'os_list' in annotations.xml
ERROR_DEPRECATED_WITH_OS, // Marked deprecated, but 'os_list' is not
// empty in annotations.xml.
ERROR_INVALID_ADDED_IN, // "added_in_milestone" attribute is invalid.
// This is the python_script equivalent of ERROR_DIRECT_ASSIGNMENT.
// TODO(crbug/966883): remove ERROR_DIRECT_ASSIGNMENT and related code
// when done migrating to python_script.
ERROR_MUTABLE_TAG, // Can't create a
// |MutableNetworkTrafficAnnotationTag| from
// anywhere (except whitelisted files).
static const int kNoCodeLineSpecified;
AuditorResult(Type type,
const std::string& message,
const std::string& file_path,
int line);
AuditorResult(Type type, const std::string& message);
AuditorResult(Type type);
AuditorResult(const AuditorResult& other);
void AddDetail(const std::string& message);
Type type() const { return type_; }
std::string file_path() const { return file_path_; }
void set_file_path(const std::string& file_path) { file_path_ = file_path; }
// Formats the error message into one line of text.
std::string ToText() const;
// Formats the error message into one line of text that just includes the
// error reason and not the annotations and files invloved. It can be used to
// create a new error based on another one.
std::string ToShortText() const;
bool IsOK() { return type_ == Type::RESULT_OK; }
Type type_;
std::vector<std::string> details_;
std::string file_path_;
int line_;