Traffic Annotation Scripts

This file describes the scripts in tools/traffic_annotation/scripts.


The new implementation of traffic_annotation_auditor. It is meant as a drop-in replacement, i.e. you can call it with the same command-line arguments and it should give similar output.

Runs traffic annotation tests on the changed files or all repository. The tests are run in error resilient mode. Requires a compiled build directory to run.

Runs tests to ensure traffic_annotation_auditor is performing as expected. Tests include:

  • Checking if auditor and underlying extractor run, and an expected minimum number of outputs are returned.
  • Checking if enabling or disabling heuristics that make tests faster has any effect on the output.
  • Checking if running on the whole repository (instead of only changed files) would result in any error. This test may take a few hours to run and requires a compiled build directory.

Provides tools for annotation test scripts.

This script updates the Google sheet that presents all network traffic annotations.

Scans through a set of specified C++ files to detect existing traffic annotations in code. It uses regex expressions on source files.

Unit tests for

Updates the Chrome Browser Network Traffic Annotations document that presents all network traffic annotations specified within summary/grouping.xml.

  • You can use the hidden="true" attribute within a group to suppress the group and its nested senders and annotations from appearing in the document.
  • You can use the hidden="true" attribute within the annotations in grouping.xml to suppress them from appearing in the document.
  • grouping.xml needn't be organized in alphabetical order, the script automatically places them in alphabetical order.

Unit tests for

Parses the grouping.xml and annotations.tsv files to provide with the annotations and their relevant information, e.g. unique_id, data, trigger, etc. Also includes methods to parse the json object returned by the Google Docs API get() method.

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