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Network Traffic Annotations List

This file describes the tools/traffic_annotation/summary/annotations.xml. Please see docs/ for an introduction to network traffic annotations.

Content Description

annotations.xml includes the summary of all network traffic annotations in Chromium repository. The following items are stored for each annotation :

  • id: Unique ID of the annotation.
  • added_in_milestone: Chrome version in which this annotation was added.
  • type: Type of the annotation (complete, partial, ...). Uses enum values of Annotation.Type in tools/traffic_annotation/scripts/auditor/ If ommitted, it means “definition” (i.e., complete).
  • content_hash_code: Hash code of the annotation content, as hexadecimal. This value is stored to check when an annotation is modified.
  • os_list: List of all platforms on which this annotation exists. Currently only including linux, windows, android and chromeos.
  • file_path: The file path of the annotation.
  • reserved: Reserved annotations (like annotation for test files) have this attribute. If annotation is a reserved one, it does not have content_hash_code and file_path attributes.

How to Generate/Update.

Run to check for annotations correctness and automatic update. There are also trybots on Linux and Windows to run the tests and suggest required updates.

The script can be found in tools/traffic_annotation/scripts/auditor/