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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Convert the ASCII download_file_types.asciipb proto into a binary resource.
We generate a separate variant of the binary proto for each platform,
each which contains only the values that platform needs.
import os
import re
import sys
# Import the binary proto generator. Walks up to the root of the source tree
# which is five directories above, and the finds the protobufs directory from
# there.
proto_generator_path = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(os.path.abspath(__file__),
*[os.path.pardir] * 5 + ['chrome/browser/resources/protobufs']))
sys.path.insert(0, proto_generator_path)
from binary_proto_generator import BinaryProtoGenerator
# Map of platforms for which we can generate binary protos.
# This must be run after the custom imports.
# key: type-name
# value: proto-platform_type (int)
def PlatformTypes():
return {
"android": download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileType.PLATFORM_ANDROID,
"chromeos": download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileType.PLATFORM_CHROME_OS,
"linux": download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileType.PLATFORM_LINUX,
"mac": download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileType.PLATFORM_MAC,
"win": download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileType.PLATFORM_WINDOWS,
def PrunePlatformSettings(file_type, default_settings, platform_type):
# Modify this file_type's platform_settings by keeping the only the
# best one for this platform_type. In order of preference:
# * Exact match to platform_type
# * PLATFORM_ANY entry
# * or copy from the default file type.
last_platform = -1
setting_match = None
for s in file_type.platform_settings:
# Enforce: sorted and no dups (signs of mistakes).
assert last_platform < s.platform, (
"Extension '%s' has duplicate or out of order platform: '%s'" %
(file_type.extension, s.platform))
last_platform = s.platform
# Pick the most specific match.
if ((s.platform == platform_type) or
(s.platform == download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileType.PLATFORM_ANY and
setting_match is None)):
setting_match = s
# If platform_settings was empty, we'll fill in from the default
if setting_match is None:
assert default_settings is not None, (
"Missing default settings for platform %d" % platform_type)
setting_match = default_settings
# Now clear out the full list and replace it with 1 entry.
del file_type.platform_settings[:]
new_setting = file_type.platform_settings.add()
def FilterPbForPlatform(full_pb, platform_type):
""" Return a filtered protobuf for this platform_type """
assert type(platform_type) is int, "Bad platform_type type"
new_pb = download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileTypeConfig();
# Ensure there's only one platform_settings for the default.
PrunePlatformSettings(new_pb.default_file_type, None, platform_type)
# This can be extended if we want to match weird extensions.
# Just no dots, non-UTF8, or uppercase chars.
invalid_char_re = re.compile('[^a-z0-9_-]')
# Filter platform_settings for each type.
uma_values_used = set()
extensions_used = set()
for file_type in new_pb.file_types:
assert not, (
"File extension '%s' contains non alpha-num-dash chars" % (
assert file_type.extension not in extensions_used, (
"Duplicate extension '%s'" % file_type.extension)
assert file_type.uma_value not in uma_values_used, (
"Extension '%s' reused UMA value %d." % (
file_type.extension, file_type.uma_value))
# Modify file_type to include only the best match platform_setting.
file_type, new_pb.default_file_type.platform_settings[0], platform_type)
return new_pb
def FilterForPlatformAndWrite(full_pb, platform_type, outfile):
""" Filter and write out a file for this platform """
# Filter it
filtered_pb = FilterPbForPlatform(full_pb, platform_type);
# Serialize it
binary_pb_str = filtered_pb.SerializeToString()
# Write it to disk
open(outfile, 'wb').write(binary_pb_str)
def MakeSubDirs(outfile):
""" Make the subdirectories needed to create file |outfile| """
dirname = os.path.dirname(outfile)
if not os.path.exists(dirname):
class DownloadFileTypeProtoGenerator(BinaryProtoGenerator):
def ImportProtoModule(self):
import download_file_types_pb2
globals()['download_file_types_pb2'] = download_file_types_pb2
def EmptyProtoInstance(self):
return download_file_types_pb2.DownloadFileTypeConfig()
def ValidatePb(self, opts, pb):
""" Validate the basic values of the protobuf. The will also validate it by platform,
but this will catch errors earlier.
assert pb.version_id > 0;
assert pb.sampled_ping_probability >= 0.0;
assert pb.sampled_ping_probability <= 1.0;
assert len(pb.default_file_type.platform_settings) >= 1;
assert len(pb.file_types) > 1;
def ProcessPb(self, opts, pb):
""" Generate one or more binary protos using the parsed proto. """
if opts.type is not None:
# Just one platform type
platform_enum = PlatformTypes()[opts.type]
outfile = os.path.join(opts.outdir, opts.outbasename)
FilterForPlatformAndWrite(pb, platform_enum, outfile)
# Make a separate file for each platform
for platform_type, platform_enum in PlatformTypes().iteritems():
# e.g. .../all/77/chromeos/download_file_types.pb
outfile = os.path.join(opts.outdir,
FilterForPlatformAndWrite(pb, platform_enum, outfile)
def AddCommandLineOptions(self, parser):
parser.add_option('-a', '--all', action="store_true", default=False,
help='Write a separate file for every platform. '
'Outfile must have a %d for version and %s for platform.')
parser.add_option('-t', '--type',
help='The platform type. One of android, chromeos, ' +
'linux, mac, win')
def AddExtraCommandLineArgsForVirtualEnvRun(self, opts, command):
if opts.type is not None:
command += ['-t', opts.type]
if opts.all:
command += ['-a']
def VerifyArgs(self, opts):
if (not opts.all and opts.type not in PlatformTypes()):
print "ERROR: Unknown platform type '%s'" % opts.type
return False
if (bool(opts.all) == bool(opts.type)):
print "ERROR: Need exactly one of --type or --all"
return False
return True
def main():
return DownloadFileTypeProtoGenerator().Run()
if __name__ == '__main__':