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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/wm/session_state_animator.h"
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
namespace ash {
namespace test {
// A SessionStateAnimator that offers control over the lifetime of active
// animations.
// NOTE: The TestSessionStateAnimator limits each
// SessionStateAnimator::Container to a single active animation at any one time.
// If a new animation is started on a container the existing one will be
// aborted.
class TestSessionStateAnimator : public SessionStateAnimator {
~TestSessionStateAnimator() override;
int last_animation_epoch() {
return last_animation_epoch_;
// Resets the current animation epoch back to 0 and aborts all currently
// active animations.
void ResetAnimationEpoch();
// Advances all contained animations by the specified |duration|. Any
// animations that will have completed after |duration| will have its
// callback called.
void Advance(const base::TimeDelta& duration);
// Simulates running all of the contained animations to completion. Each
// contained AnimationSequence will have OnAnimationCompleted called if
// |completed_successfully| is true and OnAnimationAborted called if false.
void CompleteAnimations(int animation_epoch, bool completed_successfully);
// Convenience method that calls CompleteAnimations with the last
// |animation_epoch|. In effect this will complete all animations.
// See CompleteAnimations for more documenation on |completed_succesffully|.
void CompleteAllAnimations(bool completed_successfully);
// Returns true if there is an animation active with |type| for the given
// |container|.
bool IsContainerAnimated(SessionStateAnimator::Container container,
SessionStateAnimator::AnimationType type) const;
// Returns true if there is an animation active with |type| for all the given
// containers specified by |container_mask|.
bool AreContainersAnimated(int container_mask,
SessionStateAnimator::AnimationType type) const;
// Returns the number of active animations.
size_t GetAnimationCount() const;
// ash::SessionStateAnimator:
void StartAnimation(int container_mask,
AnimationType type,
AnimationSpeed speed) override;
void StartAnimationWithCallback(int container_mask,
AnimationType type,
AnimationSpeed speed,
base::Closure callback) override;
AnimationSequence* BeginAnimationSequence(base::Closure callback) override;
bool IsBackgroundHidden() const override;
void ShowBackground() override;
void HideBackground() override;
class AnimationSequence;
friend class AnimationSequence;
// Data structure to track the currently active animations and their
// callbacks.
struct ActiveAnimation {
int animation_epoch,
base::TimeDelta duration,
SessionStateAnimator::Container container,
AnimationType type,
AnimationSpeed speed,
base::Closure success_callback,
base::Closure failed_callback);
virtual ~ActiveAnimation();
// The time epoch that this animation was scheduled.
int animation_epoch;
// The time remaining for this animation.
base::TimeDelta remaining_duration;
// The container which is being animated.
SessionStateAnimator::Container container;
// The animation type that is being done.
AnimationType type;
// The speed at which the animation is being done.
AnimationSpeed speed;
// The callback to be invoked upon a successful completion.
base::Closure success_callback;
// The callback to be invoked upon an unsuccessful completion.
base::Closure failed_callback;
typedef std::vector<ActiveAnimation> AnimationList;
typedef std::map<SessionStateAnimator::Container, AnimationList>
// Starts an animation in the |animation_sequence| for each container
// specified by |container_mask| with the given |type| and |speed|.
virtual void StartAnimationInSequence(
int container_mask,
AnimationType type,
AnimationSpeed speed,
AnimationSequence* animation_sequence);
// Adds a single animation to the currently active animations. If an
// animation is already active for the given |container| then it will be
// replaced by the new one. The existing animation will be aborted by calling
// OnAnimationAborted.
void AddAnimation(SessionStateAnimator::Container container,
AnimationType type,
AnimationSpeed speed,
base::Closure success_callback,
base::Closure failed_callback);
// If an animation is currently active for the given |container| it will be
// aborted by invoking OnAnimationAborted and removed from the list of active
// animations.
void AbortAnimation(SessionStateAnimator::Container container);
// Used for easy iteration over all the containers.
static const SessionStateAnimator::Container kAllContainers[];
// A map of currently active animations.
ActiveAnimationsMap active_animations_;
// A time counter that tracks the last scheduled animation or animation
// sequence.
int last_animation_epoch_;
// Tracks whether the background is hidden or not.
bool is_background_hidden_;
} // namespace test
} // namespace ash