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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "net/quic/quic_flags.h"
bool FLAGS_quic_allow_oversized_packets_for_test = false;
// When true, the use time based loss detection instead of nack.
bool FLAGS_quic_use_time_loss_detection = false;
// If true, it will return as soon as an error is detected while validating
// CHLO.
bool FLAGS_use_early_return_when_verifying_chlo = true;
// If true, QUIC connections will support FEC protection of data while sending
// packets, to reduce latency of data delivery to the application. The client
// must also request FEC protection for the server to use FEC.
bool FLAGS_enable_quic_fec = false;
// When true, defaults to BBR congestion control instead of Cubic.
bool FLAGS_quic_use_bbr_congestion_control = false;
// If true, QUIC BBR congestion control may be enabled via Finch and/or via QUIC
// connection options.
bool FLAGS_quic_allow_bbr = false;
// Time period for which a given connection_id should live in the time-wait
// state.
int64 FLAGS_quic_time_wait_list_seconds = 200;
// Currently, this number is quite conservative. The max QPS limit for an
// individual server silo is currently set to 1000 qps, though the actual max
// that we see in the wild is closer to 450 qps. Regardless, this means that
// the longest time-wait list we should see is 200 seconds * 1000 qps = 200000.
// Of course, there are usually many queries per QUIC connection, so we allow a
// factor of 3 leeway.
// Maximum number of connections on the time-wait list. A negative value implies
// no configured limit.
int64 FLAGS_quic_time_wait_list_max_connections = 600000;
// Enables server-side support for QUIC stateless rejects.
bool FLAGS_enable_quic_stateless_reject_support = true;
// If true, flow controller may grow the receive window size if necessary.
bool FLAGS_quic_auto_tune_receive_window = true;
// Enables sending of FEC packet only when FEC alarm goes off.
bool FLAGS_quic_send_fec_packet_only_on_fec_alarm = true;
// Enables server-side path MTU discovery in QUIC.
bool FLAGS_quic_do_path_mtu_discovery = true;
// Process QUIC frames as soon as they're parsed, instead of waiting for the
// packet's parsing to complete.
bool FLAGS_quic_process_frames_inline = true;
// No longer call OnCanWrite when connection level flow control unblocks in
// QuicSession.
bool FLAGS_quic_dont_write_when_flow_unblocked = true;
// If true, client IP migration is allowed in QUIC.
bool FLAGS_quic_allow_ip_migration = true;
// Estimate that only 60% of QUIC's receive buffer is usable as opposed to 95%.
bool FLAGS_quic_use_conservative_receive_buffer = true;
// If true, default quic_time_wait_list_seconds (time to keep a connection ID on
// the time-wait list) is 200 seconds rather than 5 seconds and increase the
// maximum time-wait list size to 600,000.
bool FLAGS_increase_time_wait_list = true;
// Limits QUIC's max CWND to 200 packets.
bool FLAGS_quic_limit_max_cwnd = true;