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// Copyright (c) 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <memory>
#include "base/strings/string_piece.h"
#include "net/spdy/hpack/hpack_header_table.h"
#include "net/spdy/spdy_alt_svc_wire_format.h"
#include "net/spdy/spdy_framer.h"
#include "net/spdy/spdy_headers_handler_interface.h"
#include "net/spdy/spdy_protocol.h"
namespace net {
// Abstract base class for an HTTP/2 decoder to be called from SpdyFramer.
class SpdyFramerDecoderAdapter {
virtual ~SpdyFramerDecoderAdapter();
// Set callbacks to be called from the framer. A visitor must be set, or
// else the framer will likely crash. It is acceptable for the visitor
// to do nothing. If this is called multiple times, only the last visitor
// will be used.
virtual void set_visitor(SpdyFramerVisitorInterface* visitor);
SpdyFramerVisitorInterface* visitor() const { return visitor_; }
// Set debug callbacks to be called from the framer. The debug visitor is
// completely optional and need not be set in order for normal operation.
// If this is called multiple times, only the last visitor will be used.
virtual void set_debug_visitor(
SpdyFramerDebugVisitorInterface* debug_visitor);
SpdyFramerDebugVisitorInterface* debug_visitor() const {
return debug_visitor_;
// Set debug callbacks to be called from the HPACK decoder.
virtual void SetDecoderHeaderTableDebugVisitor(
std::unique_ptr<HpackHeaderTable::DebugVisitorInterface> visitor) = 0;
// Sets whether or not ProcessInput returns after finishing a frame, or
// continues processing additional frames. Normally ProcessInput processes
// all input, but this method enables the caller (and visitor) to work with
// a single frame at a time (or that portion of the frame which is provided
// as input). Reset() does not change the value of this flag.
virtual void set_process_single_input_frame(bool v);
bool process_single_input_frame() const {
return process_single_input_frame_;
// Decode the |len| bytes of encoded HTTP/2 starting at |*data|. Returns the
// number of bytes consumed. It is safe to pass more bytes in than may be
// consumed.
virtual size_t ProcessInput(const char* data, size_t len) = 0;
// Reset the decoder (used just for tests at this time).
virtual void Reset() = 0;
// Current state of the decoder.
virtual SpdyFramer::SpdyState state() const = 0;
// Current error code (NO_ERROR if state != ERROR).
virtual SpdyFramer::SpdyError error_code() const = 0;
// Did the most recently decoded frame header appear to be the start of an
// HTTP/1.1 (or earlier) response? Used to detect if a backend/server that
// we sent a request to, responded with an HTTP/1.1 response?
virtual bool probable_http_response() const = 0;
SpdyFramerVisitorInterface* visitor_ = nullptr;
SpdyFramerDebugVisitorInterface* debug_visitor_ = nullptr;
bool process_single_input_frame_ = false;
// Create an instance of NestedSpdyFramerDecoder, which implements
// SpdyFramerDecoderAdapter, delegating to a SpdyFramer instance that will
// actually perform the decoding (when requested via ProcessInput). This allows
// us to test the SpdyFramerDecoderAdapter mechanism without changing the type
// of decoder that is used.
std::unique_ptr<SpdyFramerDecoderAdapter> CreateNestedSpdyFramerDecoder(
SpdyFramer* outer);
// SpdyFramerVisitorInterface::OnError needs the original SpdyFramer* to
// pass to the visitor (really a listener). This implementation takes care of
// that while passing along all other calls unmodified.
class SpdyFramerVisitorAdapter : public SpdyFramerVisitorInterface {
SpdyFramerVisitorAdapter(SpdyFramerVisitorInterface* visitor,
SpdyFramer* framer)
: visitor_(visitor), framer_(framer) {}
~SpdyFramerVisitorAdapter() override {}
// The visitor needs the original SpdyFramer, not the SpdyFramerDecoderAdapter
// instance.
void OnError(SpdyFramer* framer) override;
void OnDataFrameHeader(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
size_t length,
bool fin) override;
void OnStreamFrameData(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
const char* data,
size_t len) override;
void OnStreamEnd(SpdyStreamId stream_id) override;
void OnStreamPadding(SpdyStreamId stream_id, size_t len) override;
SpdyHeadersHandlerInterface* OnHeaderFrameStart(
SpdyStreamId stream_id) override;
void OnHeaderFrameEnd(SpdyStreamId stream_id, bool end_headers) override;
void OnSynStream(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
SpdyStreamId associated_stream_id,
SpdyPriority priority,
bool fin,
bool unidirectional) override;
void OnSynReply(SpdyStreamId stream_id, bool fin) override;
void OnRstStream(SpdyStreamId stream_id, SpdyRstStreamStatus status) override;
void OnSetting(SpdySettingsIds id, uint8_t flags, uint32_t value) override;
void OnPing(SpdyPingId unique_id, bool is_ack) override;
void OnSettings(bool clear_persisted) override;
void OnSettingsAck() override;
void OnSettingsEnd() override;
void OnGoAway(SpdyStreamId last_accepted_stream_id,
SpdyGoAwayStatus status) override;
void OnHeaders(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
bool has_priority,
int weight,
SpdyStreamId parent_stream_id,
bool exclusive,
bool fin,
bool end) override;
void OnWindowUpdate(SpdyStreamId stream_id, int delta_window_size) override;
bool OnGoAwayFrameData(const char* goaway_data, size_t len) override;
bool OnRstStreamFrameData(const char* rst_stream_data, size_t len) override;
void OnBlocked(SpdyStreamId stream_id) override;
void OnPushPromise(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
SpdyStreamId promised_stream_id,
bool end) override;
void OnContinuation(SpdyStreamId stream_id, bool end) override;
void OnPriority(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
SpdyStreamId parent_id,
int weight,
bool exclusive) override;
void OnAltSvc(SpdyStreamId stream_id,
base::StringPiece origin,
const SpdyAltSvcWireFormat::AlternativeServiceVector&
altsvc_vector) override;
bool OnUnknownFrame(SpdyStreamId stream_id, int frame_type) override;
SpdyFramerVisitorInterface* visitor() const { return visitor_; }
SpdyFramer* framer() const { return framer_; }
SpdyFramerVisitorInterface* const visitor_;
SpdyFramer* const framer_;
} // namespace net