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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import "ui/gfx/mac/nswindow_frame_controls.h"
#import "base/mac/sdk_forward_declarations.h"
#include "ui/gfx/geometry/size.h"
namespace {
// The value used to represent an unbounded width or height.
const int kUnboundedSize = 0;
void SetResizableStyleMask(NSWindow* window, bool resizable) {
NSUInteger style_mask = [window styleMask];
if (resizable)
style_mask |= NSResizableWindowMask;
style_mask &= ~NSResizableWindowMask;
[window setStyleMask:style_mask];
// Returns the level for windows that are configured to be always on top.
// This is not a constant because NSFloatingWindowLevel is a macro defined
// as a function call.
NSInteger AlwaysOnTopWindowLevel() {
return NSFloatingWindowLevel;
} // namespace
namespace gfx {
void SetNSWindowCanFullscreen(NSWindow* window, bool allow_fullscreen) {
NSWindowCollectionBehavior behavior = [window collectionBehavior];
if (behavior & NSWindowCollectionBehaviorFullScreenAuxiliary)
if (allow_fullscreen)
behavior |= NSWindowCollectionBehaviorFullScreenPrimary;
behavior &= ~NSWindowCollectionBehaviorFullScreenPrimary;
[window setCollectionBehavior:behavior];
bool IsNSWindowAlwaysOnTop(NSWindow* window) {
return [window level] == AlwaysOnTopWindowLevel();
void SetNSWindowAlwaysOnTop(NSWindow* window,
bool always_on_top) {
[window setLevel:(always_on_top ? AlwaysOnTopWindowLevel()
: NSNormalWindowLevel)];
// Since always-on-top windows have a higher window level than
// NSNormalWindowLevel, they will default to
// NSWindowCollectionBehaviorTransient. Set the value explicitly here to match
// normal windows.
NSWindowCollectionBehavior behavior =
[window collectionBehavior] | NSWindowCollectionBehaviorManaged;
[window setCollectionBehavior:behavior];
void SetNSWindowVisibleOnAllWorkspaces(NSWindow* window, bool always_visible) {
NSWindowCollectionBehavior behavior = [window collectionBehavior];
if (always_visible)
behavior |= NSWindowCollectionBehaviorCanJoinAllSpaces;
behavior &= ~NSWindowCollectionBehaviorCanJoinAllSpaces;
[window setCollectionBehavior:behavior];
void ApplyNSWindowSizeConstraints(NSWindow* window,
const gfx::Size& min_size,
const gfx::Size& max_size,
bool can_resize,
bool can_fullscreen) {
[window setContentMinSize:NSMakeSize(min_size.width(), min_size.height())];
CGFloat max_width =
max_size.width() == kUnboundedSize ? CGFLOAT_MAX : max_size.width();
CGFloat max_height =
max_size.height() == kUnboundedSize ? CGFLOAT_MAX : max_size.height();
[window setContentMaxSize:NSMakeSize(max_width, max_height)];
SetResizableStyleMask(window, can_resize);
[window setShowsResizeIndicator:can_resize];
// Set the window to participate in Lion Fullscreen mode.
SetNSWindowCanFullscreen(window, can_fullscreen);
[[window standardWindowButton:NSWindowZoomButton] setEnabled:can_fullscreen];
} // namespace gfx