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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <deque>
#include <string>
#include "ash/app_menu/app_menu_export.h"
#include "ui/message_center/views/slide_out_controller.h"
#include "ui/views/view.h"
namespace message_center {
class Notification;
namespace views {
class MenuSeparator;
namespace ash {
class NotificationMenuHeaderView;
class NotificationOverflowView;
class NotificationItemView;
// A view inserted into a container MenuItemView which shows a
// NotificationItemView and a NotificationMenuHeaderView.
class APP_MENU_EXPORT NotificationMenuView : public views::View {
// API for child views to interact with the NotificationMenuController.
class Delegate {
virtual ~Delegate() = default;
// Activates the notification corresponding with |notification_id| and
// closes the menu.
virtual void ActivateNotificationAndClose(
const std::string& notification_id) = 0;
// Called when an overflow view is added or remove.
virtual void OnOverflowAddedOrRemoved() = 0;
NotificationMenuView(Delegate* notification_item_view_delegate,
const std::string& app_id);
~NotificationMenuView() override;
// views::View:
gfx::Size CalculatePreferredSize() const override;
void Layout() override;
// Whether |notifications_for_this_app_| is empty.
bool IsEmpty() const;
// Adds |notification| as a NotificationItemView, displacing the currently
// displayed NotificationItemView, if it exists.
void AddNotificationItemView(
const message_center::Notification& notification);
// Updates the NotificationItemView corresponding to |notification|, replacing
// the contents if they have changed.
void UpdateNotificationItemView(
const message_center::Notification& notification);
// Removes the NotificationItemView associated with |notification_id| and
// if it is the currently displayed NotificationItemView, replaces it with
// the next one if available. Also removes the notification from
// |overflow_view_| if it exists there.
void OnNotificationRemoved(const std::string& notification_id);
// Gets the slide out layer, used to move the displayed NotificationItemView.
ui::Layer* GetSlideOutLayer();
// Returns the currently-visible notification, or null if none.
const NotificationItemView* GetDisplayedNotificationItemView() const;
NotificationItemView* GetDisplayedNotificationItemView() {
return const_cast<NotificationItemView*>(
static_cast<const NotificationMenuView*>(this)
// Gets the notification id of the displayed NotificationItemView.
const std::string& GetDisplayedNotificationID() const;
friend class NotificationMenuViewTestAPI;
using NotificationItemViews =
// Returns an iterator to the notification matching the supplied ID, or
// notification_item_views_.end() if none.
NotificationItemViews::iterator NotificationIterForId(const std::string& id);
// Identifies the app for this menu.
const std::string app_id_;
// Owned by AppMenuModelAdapter.
NotificationMenuView::Delegate* const notification_item_view_delegate_;
// Owned by AppMenuModelAdapter.
message_center::SlideOutController::Delegate* const
// The deque of NotificationItemViews. The front item in the deque is the view
// which is shown.
std::deque<std::unique_ptr<NotificationItemView>> notification_item_views_;
// A double separator used to distinguish notifications from context menu
// options. Owned by views hierarchy.
views::MenuSeparator* double_separator_;
// Holds the header and counter texts. Owned by views hierarchy.
NotificationMenuHeaderView* const header_view_;
// A view that shows icons of notifications for this app that are not being
// shown.
std::unique_ptr<NotificationOverflowView> overflow_view_;
} // namespace ash