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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <map>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/feature_list.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/sessions/core/session_id.h"
namespace sync_sessions {
// A pool for managing free/used tab sync nodes for the *local* session.
// Performs lazy creation of sync nodes when necessary.
// Note: We make use of the following "id's"
// - a tab_id: created by session service, unique to this client
// - a tab_node_id: the id for a particular sync tab node. This is used
// to generate the sync tab node tag through:
// tab_tag = StringPrintf("%s %d", local_session_tag, tab_node_id);
// A sync node can be in one of the two states:
// 1. Associated : Sync node is used and associated with a tab.
// 2. Free : Sync node is unused.
// TODO( Remove feature toggle during code cleanup when a
// satisfying solution is found for closed tabs.
extern const base::Feature kTabNodePoolImmediateDeletion;
class TabNodePool {
// If free nodes > kFreeNodesHighWatermark, delete all free nodes until
// free nodes <= kFreeNodesLowWatermark.
static const size_t kFreeNodesLowWatermark;
// Maximum limit of FreeNodes allowed on the client.
static const size_t kFreeNodesHighWatermark;
static const int kInvalidTabNodeID;
// Returns the tab node associated with |tab_id| or kInvalidTabNodeID if
// no association existed.
int GetTabNodeIdFromTabId(SessionID tab_id) const;
// Returns the tab_id for |tab_node_id| if it is associated else returns an
// invalid ID.
SessionID GetTabIdFromTabNodeId(int tab_node_id) const;
// Gets the next free tab node (or creates a new one if needed) and associates
// it to |tab_id|. Returns the tab node ID associated to |tab_id|. |tab_id|
// must not be previously associated.
int AssociateWithFreeTabNode(SessionID tab_id);
// Reassociates |tab_node_id| with |tab_id|. If |tab_node_id| is not already
// known, it is added to the tab node pool before being associated.
void ReassociateTabNode(int tab_node_id, SessionID tab_id);
// Removes association for |tab_id| and returns its tab node to the free node
// pool.
void FreeTab(SessionID tab_id);
// Deletes all free tab nodes. Returns the IDs of the deleted nodes.
std::set<int> CleanupFreeTabNodes();
// Deletes all known mappings for |tab_node_id|. As opposed to FreeTab(), it
// does NOT free the node for later reuse. This is used for foreign sessions
// when remote deletions are received.
void DeleteTabNode(int tab_node_id);
// Returns tab node IDs for all known (used or free) tab nodes.
std::set<int> GetAllTabNodeIds() const;
int GetMaxUsedTabNodeIdForTest() const;
using TabNodeIDToTabIDMap = std::map<int, SessionID>;
using TabIDToTabNodeIDMap = std::map<SessionID, int>;
// Adds |tab_node_id| to the tab node pool.
// Note: this should only be called when we discover tab sync nodes from
// previous sessions, not for freeing tab nodes we created through
// GetTabNodeForTab (use FreeTab for that).
void AddTabNode(int tab_node_id);
// Associates |tab_node_id| with |tab_id|. |tab_node_id| must be free. In
// order to associated a non-free tab node, ReassociateTabNode must be
// used.
void AssociateTabNode(int tab_node_id, SessionID tab_id);
// Stores mapping of node ids associated with tab_ids, these are the used
// nodes of tab node pool.
// The nodes in the map can be returned to free tab node pool by calling
// FreeTab(..).
TabNodeIDToTabIDMap nodeid_tabid_map_;
TabIDToTabNodeIDMap tabid_nodeid_map_;
// The node ids for the set of free sync nodes.
std::set<int> free_nodes_pool_;
// The maximum used tab_node id for a sync node.
int max_used_tab_node_id_;
// Not actual tab nodes, but instead represent "holes", i.e. tab node IDs
// that are not used within the range [0..max_used_tab_node_id_). This
// allows AssociateWithFreeTabNode() to return a compact distribution of IDs.
std::set<int> missing_nodes_pool_;
} // namespace sync_sessions