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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "media/blink/watch_time_component.h"
#include "media/blink/media_blink_export.h"
#include "third_party/blink/public/platform/web_media_player.h"
namespace media {
template <typename T>
T initial_value,
std::vector<WatchTimeKey> keys_to_finalize,
ValueToKeyCB value_to_key_cb,
GetMediaTimeCB get_media_time_cb,
mojom::WatchTimeRecorder* recorder)
: keys_to_finalize_(std::move(keys_to_finalize)),
pending_value_(initial_value) {}
template <typename T>
WatchTimeComponent<T>::~WatchTimeComponent() = default;
template <typename T>
void WatchTimeComponent<T>::OnReportingStarted(
base::TimeDelta start_timestamp) {
start_timestamp_ = start_timestamp;
end_timestamp_ = last_timestamp_ = kNoTimestamp;
template <typename T>
void WatchTimeComponent<T>::SetPendingValue(T new_value) {
pending_value_ = new_value;
if (current_value_ != new_value) {
// Don't trample an existing finalize; the first takes precedence.
// Note: For components with trinary or higher state, which experience
// multiple state changes during an existing finalize, this will drop all
// watch time between the current and final state. E.g., state=0 {0ms} ->
// state=1 {1ms} -> state=2 {2ms} will result in loss of state=1 watch time.
if (end_timestamp_ != kNoTimestamp)
end_timestamp_ = get_media_time_cb_.Run();
// Clear any pending finalize since we returned to the previous value before
// the finalize could completed. I.e., assume this is a continuation.
end_timestamp_ = kNoTimestamp;
template <typename T>
void WatchTimeComponent<T>::SetCurrentValue(T new_value) {
current_value_ = new_value;
template <typename T>
void WatchTimeComponent<T>::RecordWatchTime(base::TimeDelta current_timestamp) {
DCHECK_NE(current_timestamp, kNoTimestamp);
DCHECK_NE(current_timestamp, kInfiniteDuration);
DCHECK_GE(current_timestamp, base::TimeDelta());
// If we're finalizing, use the media time at time of finalization. We only
// use the |end_timestamp_| if it's less than the current timestamp, otherwise
// we may report more watch time than expected.
if (NeedsFinalize() && end_timestamp_ < current_timestamp)
current_timestamp = end_timestamp_;
// Don't update watch time if media time hasn't changed since the last run;
// this may occur if a seek is taking some time to complete or the playback
// is stalled for some reason.
if (last_timestamp_ == current_timestamp)
last_timestamp_ = current_timestamp;
const base::TimeDelta elapsed = last_timestamp_ - start_timestamp_;
if (elapsed <= base::TimeDelta())
// If no value to key callback has been provided, record |elapsed| to every
// key in the |keys_to_finalize_| list.
if (!value_to_key_cb_) {
for (auto k : keys_to_finalize_)
recorder_->RecordWatchTime(k, elapsed);
// A conversion callback has been specified, so only report elapsed to the
// key provided by the callback.
// Record watch time using |current_value_| and not |pending_value_| since
// that transition should not happen until Finalize().
recorder_->RecordWatchTime(value_to_key_cb_.Run(current_value_), elapsed);
template <typename T>
void WatchTimeComponent<T>::Finalize(
std::vector<WatchTimeKey>* keys_to_finalize) {
// Update |current_value_| and |start_timestamp_| to |end_timestamp_| since
// that's when the |pending_value_| was set.
current_value_ = pending_value_;
start_timestamp_ = end_timestamp_;
// Complete the finalize and indicate which keys need to be finalized.
end_timestamp_ = kNoTimestamp;
keys_to_finalize->insert(keys_to_finalize->end(), keys_to_finalize_.begin(),
template <typename T>
bool WatchTimeComponent<T>::NeedsFinalize() const {
return end_timestamp_ != kNoTimestamp;
// Required to avoid linking errors since we've split this file into a .cc + .h
// file set instead of putting the function definitions in the header file. Any
// new component type must be added here.
// Note: These must be the last line in this file, otherwise you will also see
// linking errors since the templates won't have been fully defined prior.
template class MEDIA_BLINK_EXPORT WatchTimeComponent<bool>;
template class MEDIA_BLINK_EXPORT
} // namespace media