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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "media/base/timestamp_constants.h"
#include "media/base/watch_time_keys.h"
#include "media/blink/media_blink_export.h"
#include "media/mojo/mojom/watch_time_recorder.mojom.h"
namespace media {
// Every input used to calculate watch time functions the same way, so we use a
// common WatchTimeComponent class to avoid lots of copy/paste and enforce rigor
// in the reporter. Components are not thread-safe.
// E.g., each component does something like flip pending value, record timestamp
// of that value change, wait for next reporting cycle, finalize the elapsed
// time, flip the actual value, and then start recording from that previous
// finalize time. They may also clear the pending value flip if the value
// changes back to the previous value.
template <typename T>
class WatchTimeComponent {
// Callback used to convert |current_value_| into a WatchTimeKey which will be
// given to WatchTimeRecorder::RecordWatchTime().
using ValueToKeyCB = base::RepeatingCallback<WatchTimeKey(T value)>;
// Mirror of WatchTimeReporter::GetMediaTimeCB to avoid circular dependency.
using GetMediaTimeCB = base::RepeatingCallback<base::TimeDelta(void)>;
// |initial_value| is the starting value for |current_value_| and
// |pending_value_|.
// |keys_to_finalize| is the list of keys which should be finalized.
// |value_to_key_cb| is optional, if unspecified every time RecordWatchTime()
// is called, |keys_to_finalize| will also be treated as the list of keys to
// record watch time too.
// See WatchTimeReporter constructor for |get_media_time_cb| and |recorder|.
WatchTimeComponent(T initial_value,
std::vector<WatchTimeKey> keys_to_finalize,
ValueToKeyCB value_to_key_cb,
GetMediaTimeCB get_media_time_cb,
mojom::WatchTimeRecorder* recorder);
// Called when the main WatchTimeReporter timer is started. Reinitializes
// tracking variables and sets |start_timestamp_|. May be called at any time.
void OnReportingStarted(base::TimeDelta start_timestamp);
// Called when the primary value tracked by this component changes but the
// change shouldn't take effect until the next Finalize() call.
// |pending_value_| is set to |new_value| when different than |current_value_|
// and a finalize is marked at the current media time. If the |current_value_|
// is unchanged any pending finalize is cleared.
void SetPendingValue(T new_value);
// Called when the primary value tracked by this component changes and the
// change should take effect immediately. This is typically only called when
// the watch time timer is not running.
void SetCurrentValue(T new_value);
// If there's no pending finalize, records the amount of watch time which has
// elapsed between |current_timestamp| and |start_timestamp_| by calling into
// mojom::WatchTimeRecorder::RecordWatchTime(). The key to be recorded to is
// determined by the |value_to_key_cb_|; or if none is present, all keys in
// |keys_to_finalize_| are recorded to.
// If there's a pending finalize it records the delta between |end_timestamp_|
// and |start_timestamp_| if |end_timestamp_| < |current_timestamp|. Does not
// complete any pending finalize. May be called multiple times even if a
// finalize is pending.
void RecordWatchTime(base::TimeDelta current_timestamp);
// Completes any pending finalize. Which means setting |current_value_| to
// |pending_value_| and setting |start_timestamp_| to |end_timestamp_| so that
// reporting may continue on a new key if desired. Adds all keys that should
// be finalized to |keys_to_finalize|.
// Callers must call mojom::WatchTimeRecorder::FinalizeWatchTime() for the
// resulting keys in order to actually complete the finalize. We rely on the
// calling class to perform the actual finalization since it may desire to
// batch a set of keys into one finalize call to the recorder.
// E.g., some components may stop reporting upon Finalize() while others want
// to report to a new key for all watch time going forward.
void Finalize(std::vector<WatchTimeKey>* keys_to_finalize);
// Returns true if Finalize() should be called.
bool NeedsFinalize() const;
// Returns the current value for |end_timestamp_|.
base::TimeDelta end_timestamp() const { return end_timestamp_; }
T current_value_for_testing() const { return current_value_; }
// Initialized during construction. See constructor for details.
const std::vector<WatchTimeKey> keys_to_finalize_;
const ValueToKeyCB value_to_key_cb_;
const GetMediaTimeCB get_media_time_cb_;
mojom::WatchTimeRecorder* const recorder_;
// The current value which will be used to select keys for reporting WatchTime
// during the next RecordWatchTime() call.
T current_value_;
// A pending value which will be used to set |current_value_| once Finalize()
// has been called.
T pending_value_;
// The starting and ending timestamps used for reporting watch time. The end
// timestamp may be kNoTimestamp if reporting is ongoing.
base::TimeDelta start_timestamp_;
base::TimeDelta end_timestamp_ = kNoTimestamp;
// The last media timestamp seen by RecordWatchTime().
base::TimeDelta last_timestamp_ = kNoTimestamp;
} // namespace media