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When updating src/net/base/registry_controlled_domains/effective_tld_names.dat:
1. Obtain the new effective_tld_names.dat, probably by downloading
2. Remove whitespace from the ends of the lines.
You could possibly use something like:
sed -i -e "s/\s*$//g" \
3. Add the Chromium note back in just after the license at the top, and just
before '===BEGIN ICANN DOMAINS==='. Ensure there is an empty line above and
two empty lines below the note. The note should say:
// Chromium note: this is based on Mozilla's file:
4. Build tld_cleanup (the "(net)" > "tld_cleanup" project)
5. Run it (no arguments needed), typically from src/build/Release or
src/build/Debug. It will re-generate
6. Check in the updated effective_tld_names.dat, effective_tld_names.gperf
Note that gperf is no longer used for effective_tld_names, but when building
chromium the file effective_tld_names.gperf will be parsed by
to generate the file, which is included in