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Name: libjpeg
Version: 6b
License: Custom license
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: yes
This contains a copy of libjpeg-6b.
The project files does not include from the distribution:
jidctred.c : downsampling
jdtrans.c : decoder transcoder
Also not included are files obviously not needed:
along with all of the frontend files for doing utility programs.
We added a new file jpeglibmangler.h and included it from jpeglib.h that changes
the names of all externally visible functions to chromium_ijg_* so that we can
avoid conflicts that arise when system libraries attempt to use our libjpeg.
Also patch in google.jdmarker.patch to better handle multiple SOS CSi values and
their ordering.
Also patch in google.shift-negative-values.patch to fix -Wshift-negative-value