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# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
def _GenerateArrayField(field_info):
"""Generate a string defining an array field in a C structure.
contents = field_info['contents']
contents['field'] = '* ' + field_info['field']
if contents['type'] == 'array':
raise RuntimeError('Nested arrays are not supported.')
return (GenerateField(contents) + ';\n' +
' const size_t %s_size') % field_info['field'];
def GenerateField(field_info):
"""Generate a string defining a field of the type specified by
field_info['type'] in a C structure.
field = field_info['field']
type = field_info['type']
if type == 'int':
return 'const int %s' % field
elif type == 'string':
return 'const char* const %s' % field
elif type == 'string16':
return 'const wchar_t* const %s' % field
elif type == 'enum':
return 'const %s %s' % (field_info['ctype'], field)
elif type == 'array':
return _GenerateArrayField(field_info)
elif type == 'struct':
return 'const %s %s' % (field_info['type_name'], field)
raise RuntimeError('Unknown field type "%s"' % type)
def GenerateStruct(type_name, schema):
"""Generate a string defining a structure containing the fields specified in
the schema list.
lines = [];
lines.append('struct %s {' % type_name)
for field_info in schema:
if field_info['type'] == 'struct':
lines.insert(0, GenerateStruct(field_info['type_name'],
elif (field_info['type'] == 'array'
and field_info['contents']['type'] == 'struct'):
contents = field_info['contents']
lines.insert(0, GenerateStruct(contents['type_name'],
lines.append(' ' + GenerateField(field_info) + ';')
return '\n'.join(lines) + '\n';