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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
Presubmit for Chromium HTML/CSS/JS resources. See chrome/browser/
import regex_check
class ResourceChecker(object):
def __init__(self, input_api, output_api, file_filter=None):
self.input_api = input_api
self.output_api = output_api
self.file_filter = file_filter
def DeprecatedMojoBindingsCheck(self, line_number, line):
return regex_check.RegexCheck(, line_number, line,
'(mojo_bindings\.js)', 'Please use mojo_bindings_lite.js in new code')
def DisallowIncludeCheck(self, msg, line_number, line):
return regex_check.RegexCheck(, line_number, line,
'^\s*(?:\/[\*\/])?\s*(<include)\s*src=', msg)
# This is intentionally not included in RunChecks(). It's an optional check
# that can be used from a in a directory that does not wish to
# use <include> (i.e. uses a different bundling mechanism, does not grit
# process, etc.).
def DisallowIncludes(self, msg):
check = lambda *args: self.DisallowIncludeCheck(msg, *args)
return self._RunCheckOnAffectedFiles(check, 'Found resource errors in %s',
def SelfClosingIncludeCheck(self, line_number, line):
return regex_check.RegexCheck(, line_number, line,
'(</include>|<include.*/>)', 'Closing <include> tags is unnecessary.')
def RunChecks(self):
msg = 'Found resources style issues in %s'
# TODO( is_error for Mojo check when -lite is majority?
return self._RunCheckOnAffectedFiles(self.DeprecatedMojoBindingsCheck,
msg, only_changed_lines=True) + \
self._RunCheckOnAffectedFiles(self.SelfClosingIncludeCheck, msg)
def _RunCheckOnAffectedFiles(self, check, msg_template, is_error=False,
"""Check for violations of the Chromium web development style guide. See
results = []
affected_files= self.input_api.AffectedFiles(file_filter=self.file_filter,
for f in affected_files:
errors = []
if only_changed_lines:
contents = f.ChangedContents()
contents = enumerate(f.NewContents(), start=1)
for line_number, line in contents:
error = check(line_number, line)
if error:
if errors:
abs_local_path = f.AbsoluteLocalPath()
msg = msg_template % abs_local_path + '\n\n' + '\n'.join(errors) + '\n'
if is_error:
return results