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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from os import path as os_path
import re
import resource_checker
from sys import path as sys_path
import test_util
import unittest
_HERE = os_path.dirname(os_path.abspath(__file__))
sys_path.append(os_path.join(_HERE, '..', '..', 'build'))
import find_depot_tools # pylint: disable=W0611
from testing_support.super_mox import SuperMoxTestBase
class ResourceCheckerTest(SuperMoxTestBase):
def setUp(self):
input_api = self.mox.CreateMockAnything() = re
output_api = self.mox.CreateMockAnything()
self.checker = resource_checker.ResourceChecker(input_api, output_api)
def ShouldPassDeprecatedMojoBindingCheck(self, line):
error = self.checker.DeprecatedMojoBindingsCheck(1, line)
self.assertEqual('', error, 'Should not be flagged as error: ' + line)
def ShouldFailDeprecatedMojoBindingCheck(self, line):
error = self.checker.DeprecatedMojoBindingsCheck(1, line)
self.assertNotEqual('', error, 'Should be flagged as error: ' + line)
self.assertEquals('mojo_bindings.js', test_util.GetHighlight(line, error))
def testDeprecatedMojoBindingsCheckPasses(self):
lines = [
'<script src="chrome://resources/js/mojo_bindings_lite.js">',
"script.src = 'chrome://resources/js/mojo_bindings_lite.js';",
for line in lines:
def testDeprecatedMojoBindingsCheckFails(self):
lines = [
'<script src="chrome://resources/js/mojo_bindings.js">',
"script.src = 'chrome://resources/js/mojo_bindings.js';",
for line in lines:
def ShouldPassDisallowIncludeCheck(self, line):
self.assertEqual('', self.checker.DisallowIncludeCheck('msg', 1, line),
'Should not be flagged as error')
def ShouldFailDisallowIncludeCheck(self, line):
error = self.checker.DisallowIncludeCheck('msg', 1, line)
self.assertNotEqual('', error, 'Should be flagged as error: ' + line)
self.assertEquals('<include', test_util.GetHighlight(line, error))
def testDisallowIncludesFails(self):
lines = [
'<include src="blah.js">',
' // <include src="blah.js">',
' /* <include src="blah.js"> */ ',
for line in lines:
def testDisallowIncludesPasses(self):
lines = [
'if (count < includeCount) {',
'// No <include>s allowed.',
for line in lines:
def ShouldFailSelfClosingIncludeCheck(self, line):
"""Checks that the '</include>' checker flags |line| as a style error."""
error = self.checker.SelfClosingIncludeCheck(1, line)
self.assertNotEqual('', error,
'Should be flagged as style error: ' + line)
highlight = test_util.GetHighlight(line, error).strip()
self.assertTrue('include' in highlight and highlight[0] == '<')
def ShouldPassSelfClosingIncludeCheck(self, line):
"""Checks that the '</include>' checker doesn't flag |line| as an error."""
self.assertEqual('', self.checker.SelfClosingIncludeCheck(1, line),
'Should not be flagged as style error: ' + line)
def testIncludeFails(self):
lines = [
"</include> ",
" </include>",
" </include> ",
' <include src="blah.js" /> ',
'<include src="blee.js"/>',
for line in lines:
def testIncludePasses(self):
lines = [
'<include src="assert.js">',
"<include src='../../assert.js'>",
"<i>include src='blah'</i>",
for line in lines:
if __name__ == '__main__':