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Name: IAccessible2 COM interfaces for accessibility
Short Name: IAccessible2
Version: 1.3
License: BSD
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains the IAccessible2 API, a set of COM interfaces
that extend MSAA's IAccessible interface for improved Windows accessibility.
It consists of a single file:
Local modifications:
Added the IAccessible2_4 interface to ia2_api_all.idl which extends the
IAccessible2_3 interface with a single method for setting the current
Update recipe:
1. git clone the IAccessible2 project
2. Run
3. Copy the resulting ia2_api_all.idl into this directory
4. Apply the set_selection_ranges.patch using:
git am set_selection_ranges.patch
5. Ensure that all files have Linux line-endings, so that the changes are easier to review
6. Update the compiled idl for each CPU, by building the target
third_party\iaccessible2 with each of the following
target_cpu options in x86, arm64 and x64
For example:
autoninja -C out\arm64-release third_party\iaccessible2
autoninja -C out\x86-release third_party\iaccessible2
autoninja -C out\x64-release third_party\iaccessible2