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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Implements commands for running and interacting with Fuchsia on AEMU."""
import os
import platform
import qemu_target
import logging
from common import GetEmuRootForPlatform
class AemuTarget(qemu_target.QemuTarget):
def __init__(self, output_dir, target_cpu, system_log_file, emu_type,
cpu_cores, require_kvm, ram_size_mb):
super(AemuTarget, self).__init__(output_dir, target_cpu, system_log_file,
emu_type, cpu_cores, require_kvm,
# TODO( Enable AEMU for arm64.
if platform.machine() == 'aarch64':
raise Exception('AEMU does not support arm64 hosts.')
# TODO( Remove
# once aemu is part of default fuchsia build
def _EnsureEmulatorExists(self, path):
assert os.path.exists(path), \
'This checkout is missing %s. To check out the files, add this\n' \
'entry to the "custon_vars" section of your .gclient file:\n\n' \
' "checkout_aemu": True\n\n' % (self._emu_type)
def _BuildCommand(self):
aemu_exec = 'emulator-headless'
aemu_folder = GetEmuRootForPlatform(self._emu_type)
aemu_path = os.path.join(aemu_folder, aemu_exec)
# `VirtioInput` is needed for touch input device support on Fuchsia.
# `RefCountPipe` is needed for proper cleanup of resources when a process
# that uses Vulkan dies inside the guest
aemu_features = 'VirtioInput,RefCountPipe'
# Configure the CPU to emulate.
# On Linux, we can enable lightweight virtualization (KVM) if the host and
# guest architectures are the same.
if self._IsKvmEnabled():
aemu_features += ',KVM,GLDirectMem,Vulkan'
if self._target_cpu != 'arm64':
aemu_features += ',-GLDirectMem'
# All args after -fuchsia flag gets passed to QEMU
aemu_command = [aemu_path,
'-feature', aemu_features,
'-window-size', '1024x600',
'-gpu', 'swiftshader_indirect',
'-vga', 'none',
'-device', 'isa-debug-exit,iobase=0xf4,iosize=0x04',
'-device', 'virtio-keyboard-pci',
'-device', 'virtio_input_multi_touch_pci_1',
'-device', 'ich9-ahci,id=ahci'])' '.join(aemu_command))
return aemu_command