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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <list>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/observer_list.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "build/build_config.h"
#include "chrome/browser/browsing_data/local_data_container.h"
#include "components/content_settings/core/common/content_settings.h"
#include "extensions/buildflags/buildflags.h"
#include "ui/base/models/tree_node_model.h"
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
#include "chrome/browser/browsing_data/access_context_audit_database.h"
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
class AccessContextAuditService;
class CookiesTreeModel;
class CookieTreeAppCacheNode;
class CookieTreeAppCachesNode;
class CookieTreeCacheStorageNode;
class CookieTreeCacheStoragesNode;
class CookieTreeCookieNode;
class CookieTreeCookiesNode;
class CookieTreeDatabaseNode;
class CookieTreeDatabasesNode;
class CookieTreeFileSystemNode;
class CookieTreeFileSystemsNode;
class CookieTreeHostNode;
class CookieTreeIndexedDBNode;
class CookieTreeIndexedDBsNode;
class CookieTreeLocalStorageNode;
class CookieTreeLocalStoragesNode;
class CookieTreeMediaLicenseNode;
class CookieTreeMediaLicensesNode;
class CookieTreeQuotaNode;
class CookieTreeServiceWorkerNode;
class CookieTreeServiceWorkersNode;
class CookieTreeSharedWorkerNode;
class CookieTreeSharedWorkersNode;
class CookieTreeSessionStorageNode;
class CookieTreeSessionStoragesNode;
class ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy;
namespace content_settings {
class CookieSettings;
namespace extensions {
class ExtensionSet;
namespace net {
class CanonicalCookie;
// CookieTreeNode -------------------------------------------------------------
// The base node type in the Cookies, Databases, and Local Storage options
// view, from which all other types are derived. Specialized from TreeNode in
// that it has a notion of deleting objects stored in the profile, and being
// able to have its children do the same.
class CookieTreeNode : public ui::TreeNode<CookieTreeNode> {
// Used to pull out information for the InfoView (the details display below
// the tree control.)
struct DetailedInfo {
// NodeType corresponds to the various CookieTreeNode types.
enum NodeType {
TYPE_ROOT, // This is used for CookieTreeRootNode nodes.
TYPE_HOST, // This is used for CookieTreeHostNode nodes.
TYPE_COOKIES, // This is used for CookieTreeCookiesNode nodes.
TYPE_COOKIE, // This is used for CookieTreeCookieNode nodes.
TYPE_DATABASES, // This is used for CookieTreeDatabasesNode.
TYPE_DATABASE, // This is used for CookieTreeDatabaseNode.
TYPE_LOCAL_STORAGES, // This is used for CookieTreeLocalStoragesNode.
TYPE_LOCAL_STORAGE, // This is used for CookieTreeLocalStorageNode.
TYPE_SESSION_STORAGES, // This is used for CookieTreeSessionStoragesNode.
TYPE_SESSION_STORAGE, // This is used for CookieTreeSessionStorageNode.
TYPE_APPCACHES, // This is used for CookieTreeAppCachesNode.
TYPE_APPCACHE, // This is used for CookieTreeAppCacheNode.
TYPE_INDEXED_DBS, // This is used for CookieTreeIndexedDBsNode.
TYPE_INDEXED_DB, // This is used for CookieTreeIndexedDBNode.
TYPE_FILE_SYSTEMS, // This is used for CookieTreeFileSystemsNode.
TYPE_FILE_SYSTEM, // This is used for CookieTreeFileSystemNode.
TYPE_QUOTA, // This is used for CookieTreeQuotaNode.
TYPE_SERVICE_WORKERS, // This is used for CookieTreeServiceWorkersNode.
TYPE_SERVICE_WORKER, // This is used for CookieTreeServiceWorkerNode.
TYPE_SHARED_WORKERS, // This is used for CookieTreeSharedWorkersNode.
TYPE_SHARED_WORKER, // This is used for CookieTreeSharedWorkerNode.
TYPE_CACHE_STORAGES, // This is used for CookieTreeCacheStoragesNode.
TYPE_CACHE_STORAGE, // This is used for CookieTreeCacheStorageNode.
TYPE_MEDIA_LICENSES, // This is used for CookieTreeMediaLicensesNode.
TYPE_MEDIA_LICENSE, // This is used for CookieTreeMediaLicenseNode.
DetailedInfo(const DetailedInfo& other);
DetailedInfo& Init(NodeType type);
DetailedInfo& InitHost(const GURL& origin);
DetailedInfo& InitCookie(const net::CanonicalCookie* cookie);
DetailedInfo& InitDatabase(const content::StorageUsageInfo* usage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitLocalStorage(
const content::StorageUsageInfo* local_storage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitSessionStorage(
const content::StorageUsageInfo* session_storage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitAppCache(const content::StorageUsageInfo* usage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitIndexedDB(const content::StorageUsageInfo* usage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitFileSystem(
const browsing_data::FileSystemHelper::FileSystemInfo*
DetailedInfo& InitQuota(
const BrowsingDataQuotaHelper::QuotaInfo* quota_info);
DetailedInfo& InitServiceWorker(
const content::StorageUsageInfo* usage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitSharedWorker(
const browsing_data::SharedWorkerHelper::SharedWorkerInfo*
DetailedInfo& InitCacheStorage(const content::StorageUsageInfo* usage_info);
DetailedInfo& InitMediaLicense(
const BrowsingDataMediaLicenseHelper::MediaLicenseInfo*
NodeType node_type;
url::Origin origin;
const net::CanonicalCookie* cookie = nullptr;
// Used for AppCache, Database (WebSQL), IndexedDB, Service Worker, and
// Cache Storage node types.
const content::StorageUsageInfo* usage_info = nullptr;
const browsing_data::FileSystemHelper::FileSystemInfo* file_system_info =
const BrowsingDataQuotaHelper::QuotaInfo* quota_info = nullptr;
const browsing_data::SharedWorkerHelper::SharedWorkerInfo*
shared_worker_info = nullptr;
const BrowsingDataMediaLicenseHelper::MediaLicenseInfo* media_license_info =
CookieTreeNode() {}
explicit CookieTreeNode(const base::string16& title)
: ui::TreeNode<CookieTreeNode>(title) {}
~CookieTreeNode() override {}
// Recursively traverse the child nodes of this node and collect the storage
// size data.
virtual int64_t InclusiveSize() const;
// Recursively traverse the child nodes and calculate the number of nodes of
// type CookieTreeCookieNode.
virtual int NumberOfCookies() const;
// Delete backend storage for this node, and any children nodes. (E.g. delete
// the cookie from CookieMonster, clear the database, and so forth.)
virtual void DeleteStoredObjects();
// Gets a pointer back to the associated model for the tree we are in.
virtual CookiesTreeModel* GetModel() const;
// Returns a struct with detailed information used to populate the details
// part of the view.
virtual DetailedInfo GetDetailedInfo() const = 0;
void AddChildSortedByTitle(std::unique_ptr<CookieTreeNode> new_child);
#if !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// TODO ( Remove this when all storage deletions from
// the browser process use the StoragePartition directly.
void ReportDeletionToAuditService(
const url::Origin& origin,
AccessContextAuditDatabase::StorageAPIType type);
#endif // !defined(OS_ANDROID)
// CookieTreeRootNode ---------------------------------------------------------
// The node at the root of the CookieTree that gets inserted into the view.
class CookieTreeRootNode : public CookieTreeNode {
explicit CookieTreeRootNode(CookiesTreeModel* model);
~CookieTreeRootNode() override;
CookieTreeHostNode* GetOrCreateHostNode(const GURL& url);
// CookieTreeNode methods:
CookiesTreeModel* GetModel() const override;
DetailedInfo GetDetailedInfo() const override;
CookiesTreeModel* model_;
// CookieTreeHostNode -------------------------------------------------------
class CookieTreeHostNode : public CookieTreeNode {
// Returns the host node's title to use for a given URL.
static base::string16 TitleForUrl(const GURL& url);
explicit CookieTreeHostNode(const GURL& url);
~CookieTreeHostNode() override;
// CookieTreeNode methods:
DetailedInfo GetDetailedInfo() const override;
int64_t InclusiveSize() const override;
// CookieTreeHostNode methods:
CookieTreeCookiesNode* GetOrCreateCookiesNode();
CookieTreeDatabasesNode* GetOrCreateDatabasesNode();
CookieTreeLocalStoragesNode* GetOrCreateLocalStoragesNode();
CookieTreeSessionStoragesNode* GetOrCreateSessionStoragesNode();
CookieTreeAppCachesNode* GetOrCreateAppCachesNode();
CookieTreeIndexedDBsNode* GetOrCreateIndexedDBsNode();
CookieTreeFileSystemsNode* GetOrCreateFileSystemsNode();
CookieTreeServiceWorkersNode* GetOrCreateServiceWorkersNode();
CookieTreeSharedWorkersNode* GetOrCreateSharedWorkersNode();
CookieTreeCacheStoragesNode* GetOrCreateCacheStoragesNode();
CookieTreeQuotaNode* UpdateOrCreateQuotaNode(
std::list<BrowsingDataQuotaHelper::QuotaInfo>::iterator quota_info);
CookieTreeMediaLicensesNode* GetOrCreateMediaLicensesNode();
std::string canonicalized_host() const { return canonicalized_host_; }
// Creates an content exception for this origin of type
// ContentSettingsType::COOKIES.
void CreateContentException(content_settings::CookieSettings* cookie_settings,
ContentSetting setting) const;
// True if a content exception can be created for this origin.
bool CanCreateContentException() const;
std::string GetHost() const;
void UpdateHostUrl(const GURL& url);
// Pointers to the cookies, databases, local and session storage and appcache
// nodes. When we build up the tree we need to quickly get a reference to
// the COOKIES node to add children. Checking each child and interrogating
// them to see if they are a COOKIES, APPCACHES, DATABASES etc node seems
// less preferable than storing an extra pointer per origin.
CookieTreeCookiesNode* cookies_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeDatabasesNode* databases_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeLocalStoragesNode* local_storages_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeSessionStoragesNode* session_storages_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeAppCachesNode* appcaches_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeIndexedDBsNode* indexed_dbs_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeFileSystemsNode* file_systems_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeQuotaNode* quota_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeServiceWorkersNode* service_workers_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeSharedWorkersNode* shared_workers_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeCacheStoragesNode* cache_storages_child_ = nullptr;
CookieTreeMediaLicensesNode* media_licenses_child_ = nullptr;
// The URL for which this node was initially created.
GURL url_;
std::string canonicalized_host_;
// CookiesTreeModel -----------------------------------------------------------
class CookiesTreeModel : public ui::TreeNodeModel<CookieTreeNode> {
CookiesTreeModel(std::unique_ptr<LocalDataContainer> data_container,
ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy* special_storage_policy);
// As above, but also provides the tree model with a pointer to the Access
// Context Audit service. This allows the tree model to report deletion events
// to the service. This must be used whenever the service exists to ensure
// audit record consistency.
// TODO ( Remove this constructor when all deletions are
// performed directly against the StoragePartition and the tree model doesn't
// require knowledge of the audit service.
CookiesTreeModel(std::unique_ptr<LocalDataContainer> data_container,
ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy* special_storage_policy,
AccessContextAuditService* access_context_audit_service);
~CookiesTreeModel() override;
// Given a CanonicalCookie, return the ID of the message which should be
// displayed in various ports' "Send for:" UI.
static int GetSendForMessageID(const net::CanonicalCookie& cookie);
// Because non-cookie nodes are fetched in a background thread, they are not
// present at the time the Model is created. The Model then notifies its
// observers for every item added from databases, local storage, and
// appcache. We extend the Observer interface to add notifications before and
// after these batch inserts.
class Observer : public ui::TreeModelObserver {
virtual void TreeModelBeginBatch(CookiesTreeModel* model) {}
virtual void TreeModelEndBatch(CookiesTreeModel* model) {}
// This class defines the scope for batch updates. It can be created as a
// local variable and the destructor will terminate the batch update, if one
// has been started.
class ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier {
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier(CookiesTreeModel* model,
CookieTreeNode* node);
void StartBatchUpdate();
CookiesTreeModel* model_;
CookieTreeNode* node_;
bool batch_in_progress_ = false;
// ui::TreeModel methods:
// Returns the set of icons for the nodes in the tree. You only need override
// this if you don't want to use the default folder icons.
void GetIcons(std::vector<gfx::ImageSkia>* icons) override;
// Returns the index of the icon to use for |node|. Return -1 to use the
// default icon. The index is relative to the list of icons returned from
// GetIcons.
int GetIconIndex(ui::TreeModelNode* node) override;
// CookiesTreeModel methods:
void DeleteAllStoredObjects();
// Deletes a specific node in the tree, identified by |cookie_node|, and its
// subtree.
void DeleteCookieNode(CookieTreeNode* cookie_node);
// Filter the origins to only display matched results.
void UpdateSearchResults(const base::string16& filter);
// Returns the set of extensions which protect the data item represented by
// this node from deletion.
// Returns nullptr if the node doesn't represent a protected data item or the
// special storage policy is nullptr.
const extensions::ExtensionSet* ExtensionsProtectingNode(
const CookieTreeNode& cookie_node);
// Manages CookiesTreeModel::Observers. This will also call
// TreeNodeModel::AddObserver so that it gets all the proper notifications.
// Note that the converse is not true: simply adding a TreeModelObserver will
// not get CookiesTreeModel::Observer notifications.
virtual void AddCookiesTreeObserver(Observer* observer);
virtual void RemoveCookiesTreeObserver(Observer* observer);
// Methods that update the model based on the data retrieved by the browsing
// data helpers.
void PopulateAppCacheInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateCookieInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateDatabaseInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateLocalStorageInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateSessionStorageInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateIndexedDBInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateFileSystemInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateQuotaInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateServiceWorkerUsageInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateSharedWorkerInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateCacheStorageUsageInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
void PopulateMediaLicenseInfo(LocalDataContainer* container);
// Returns the Access Context Audit service provided to the cookies tree model
// as part of the constructor, or nullptr if no service was provided.
AccessContextAuditService* access_context_audit_service() {
return access_context_audit_service_;
LocalDataContainer* data_container() {
return data_container_.get();
// Set the number of |batches_expected| this class should expect to receive.
// If |reset| is true, then this is a new set of batches, but if false, then
// this is a revised number (batches originally counted should no longer be
// expected).
void SetBatchExpectation(int batches_expected, bool reset);
// Create CookiesTreeModel by profile info.
static std::unique_ptr<CookiesTreeModel> CreateForProfile(Profile* profile);
static browsing_data::CookieHelper::IsDeletionDisabledCallback
GetCookieDeletionDisabledCallback(Profile* profile);
enum CookieIconIndex { COOKIE = 0, DATABASE = 1 };
// Record that one batch has been delivered.
void RecordBatchSeen();
// Record that one batch has begun processing. If this is the first batch then
// observers will be notified that batch processing has started.
void NotifyObserverBeginBatch();
// Record that one batch has finished processing. If this is the last batch
// then observers will be notified that batch processing has ended.
void NotifyObserverEndBatch();
// Notifies observers if expected batch count has been delievered and all
// batches have finished processing.
void MaybeNotifyBatchesEnded();
void PopulateAppCacheInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateCookieInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateDatabaseInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateLocalStorageInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateSessionStorageInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateIndexedDBInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateFileSystemInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateQuotaInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateServiceWorkerUsageInfoWithFilter(
LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateSharedWorkerInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateCacheStorageUsageInfoWithFilter(
LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
void PopulateMediaLicenseInfoWithFilter(LocalDataContainer* container,
ScopedBatchUpdateNotifier* notifier,
const base::string16& filter);
// The extension special storage policy; see ExtensionsProtectingNode() above.
scoped_refptr<ExtensionSpecialStoragePolicy> special_storage_policy_;
// Map of app ids to LocalDataContainer objects to use when retrieving
// locally stored data.
std::unique_ptr<LocalDataContainer> data_container_;
// The CookiesTreeModel maintains a separate list of observers that are
// specifically of the type CookiesTreeModel::Observer.
base::ObserverList<Observer>::Unchecked cookies_observer_list_;
AccessContextAuditService* access_context_audit_service_ = nullptr;
// Keeps track of how many batches the consumer of this class says it is going
// to send.
int batches_expected_ = 0;
// Keeps track of how many batches we've seen.
int batches_seen_ = 0;
// Counts how many batches have started already. If this is non-zero and lower
// than batches_ended_, then this model is still batching updates.
int batches_started_ = 0;
// Counts how many batches have finished.
int batches_ended_ = 0;