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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "net/cookies/canonical_cookie.h"
#include "net/cookies/cookie_constants.h"
namespace net {
// Used to specify which cookies to delete. All members are ANDed together.
struct NET_EXPORT CookieDeletionInfo {
// TODO(cmumford): Combine with
// network::mojom::CookieDeletionSessionControl.
enum SessionControl {
// Define a range of time from [start, end) where start is inclusive and end
// is exclusive. There is a special case where |start| == |end| (matching a
// single time) where |end| is inclusive. This special case is for iOS that
// will be removed in the future.
// TODO( Delete the start=end special case.
class NET_EXPORT TimeRange {
// Default constructor matches any non-null time.
TimeRange(const TimeRange& other);
TimeRange(base::Time start, base::Time end);
TimeRange& operator=(const TimeRange& rhs);
// Is |time| within this time range?
// Will return true if:
// |start_| <= |time| < |end_|
// If |start_| is null then the range is unbounded on the lower range.
// If |end_| is null then the range is unbounded on the upper range.
// Note 1: |time| cannot be null.
// Note 2: If |start_| == |end_| then end_ is inclusive.
bool Contains(const base::Time& time) const;
// Set the range start time. Set to null (i.e. Time()) to indicated an
// unbounded lower range.
void SetStart(base::Time value);
// Set the range end time. Set to null (i.e. Time()) to indicated an
// unbounded upper range.
void SetEnd(base::Time value);
// Return the start time.
base::Time start() const { return start_; }
// Return the end time.
base::Time end() const { return end_; }
// The inclusive start time of this range.
base::Time start_;
// The exclusive end time of this range.
base::Time end_;
CookieDeletionInfo(CookieDeletionInfo&& other);
CookieDeletionInfo(const CookieDeletionInfo& other);
CookieDeletionInfo(base::Time start_time, base::Time end_time);
CookieDeletionInfo& operator=(CookieDeletionInfo&& rhs);
CookieDeletionInfo& operator=(const CookieDeletionInfo& rhs);
// Return true if |cookie| matches all members of this instance. All members
// are ANDed together. For example: if the |cookie| creation date is within
// |creation_range| AND the |cookie| name is equal to |name|, etc. then true
// will be returned. If not false.
// |params.access_semantics| is the access semantics mode of the cookie at the
// time of the attempted match. This is used to determine whether the cookie
// matches a particular URL based on effective SameSite mode. (But the value
// should not matter because the CookieOptions used for this check includes
// all cookies for a URL regardless of SameSite).
// |params.delegate_treats_url_as_trustworthy| should be set to true if |url|
// was granted access to secure cookies by the CookieAccessDelegate.
// All members are used. See comments above other members for specifics
// about how checking is done for that value.
bool Matches(const CanonicalCookie& cookie,
const CookieAccessParams& params) const;
// See comment above for TimeRange::Contains() for more info.
TimeRange creation_range;
// By default ignore session type and delete both session and persistent
// cookies.
SessionControl session_control = SessionControl::IGNORE_CONTROL;
// If has a value then cookie.Host() must equal |host|.
base::Optional<std::string> host;
// If has a value then cookie.Name() must equal |name|.
base::Optional<std::string> name;
// If has a value then will match if the cookie being evaluated would be
// included for a request of |url|.
base::Optional<GURL> url;
// If this is not empty then any cookie with a domain/ip contained in this
// will be deleted (assuming other fields match).
// Domains must not have a leading period. e.g "" and not
// "".
// Note: |domains_and_ips_to_ignore| takes precedence. For example if this
// has a value of ["A", "B"] and |domains_and_ips_to_ignore| is ["B", "C"]
// then only "A" will be deleted.
std::set<std::string> domains_and_ips_to_delete;
// If this is not empty then any cookie with a domain/ip contained in this
// will be ignored (and not deleted).
// Domains must not have a leading period. e.g "" and not
// "".
// See precedence note above.
std::set<std::string> domains_and_ips_to_ignore;
// Used only for testing purposes.
base::Optional<std::string> value_for_testing;
} // namespace net