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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Brought to you by number 42.
#include <set>
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "net/base/net_export.h"
#include "net/cookies/cookie_constants.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace net {
class NET_EXPORT CookieOptions {
// Relation between the cookie and the navigational environment.
class NET_EXPORT SameSiteCookieContext {
// CROSS_SITE to SAME_SITE_STRICT are ordered from least to most trusted
// environment. Don't renumber, used in histograms.
enum class ContextType {
// Same rules as lax but the http method is unsafe.
// Keep last, used for histograms.
: SameSiteCookieContext(ContextType::CROSS_SITE,
ContextType::CROSS_SITE) {}
explicit SameSiteCookieContext(ContextType same_site_context)
: SameSiteCookieContext(same_site_context, same_site_context) {}
SameSiteCookieContext(ContextType same_site_context,
ContextType schemeful_same_site_context)
: context_(same_site_context),
schemeful_context_(schemeful_same_site_context) {
DCHECK_LE(schemeful_context_, context_);
// Convenience method which returns a SameSiteCookieContext with the most
// inclusive contexts. This allows access to all SameSite cookies.
static SameSiteCookieContext MakeInclusive();
// Convenience method which returns a SameSiteCookieContext with the most
// inclusive contexts for set. This allows setting all SameSite cookies.
static SameSiteCookieContext MakeInclusiveForSet();
// Returns the context for determining SameSite cookie inclusion.
ContextType GetContextForCookieInclusion() const;
// If you're just trying to determine if a cookie is accessible you likely
// want to use GetContextForCookieInclusion() which will return the correct
// context regardless the status of same-site features.
ContextType context() const { return context_; }
void set_context(ContextType context) { context_ = context; }
ContextType schemeful_context() const { return schemeful_context_; }
void set_schemeful_context(ContextType schemeful_context) {
schemeful_context_ = schemeful_context;
NET_EXPORT friend bool operator==(
const CookieOptions::SameSiteCookieContext& lhs,
const CookieOptions::SameSiteCookieContext& rhs);
NET_EXPORT friend bool operator!=(
const CookieOptions::SameSiteCookieContext& lhs,
const CookieOptions::SameSiteCookieContext& rhs);
ContextType context_;
ContextType schemeful_context_;
// Computed in URLRequestHttpJob for every cookie access attempt but is only
// relevant for SameParty cookies.
enum class SamePartyCookieContextType {
// The opposite to kSameParty. Should be the default value.
kCrossParty = 0,
// If the request URL is in the same First-Party Sets as the top-frame site
// and each member of the isolation_info.party_context.
kSameParty = 1,
// Creates a CookieOptions object which:
// * Excludes HttpOnly cookies
// * Excludes SameSite cookies
// * Updates last-accessed time.
// * Does not report excluded cookies in APIs that can do so.
// * Excludes SameParty cookies.
// These settings can be altered by calling:
// * |set_{include,exclude}_httponly()|
// * |set_same_site_cookie_context()|
// * |set_do_not_update_access_time()|
// * |set_same_party_cookie_context_type()|
CookieOptions(const CookieOptions& other);
CookieOptions(CookieOptions&& other);
CookieOptions& operator=(const CookieOptions&);
CookieOptions& operator=(CookieOptions&&);
void set_exclude_httponly() { exclude_httponly_ = true; }
void set_include_httponly() { exclude_httponly_ = false; }
bool exclude_httponly() const { return exclude_httponly_; }
// How trusted is the current browser environment when it comes to accessing
// SameSite cookies. Default is not trusted, e.g. CROSS_SITE.
void set_same_site_cookie_context(SameSiteCookieContext context) {
same_site_cookie_context_ = context;
SameSiteCookieContext same_site_cookie_context() const {
return same_site_cookie_context_;
void set_update_access_time() { update_access_time_ = true; }
void set_do_not_update_access_time() { update_access_time_ = false; }
bool update_access_time() const { return update_access_time_; }
void set_return_excluded_cookies() { return_excluded_cookies_ = true; }
void unset_return_excluded_cookies() { return_excluded_cookies_ = false; }
bool return_excluded_cookies() const { return return_excluded_cookies_; }
// How trusted is the current browser environment when it comes to accessing
// SameParty cookies. Default is not trusted, e.g. kCrossParty.
void set_same_party_cookie_context_type(
SamePartyCookieContextType context_type) {
same_party_cookie_context_type_ = context_type;
SamePartyCookieContextType same_party_cookie_context_type() const {
return same_party_cookie_context_type_;
// Getter/setter of |full_party_context_size_| for logging purposes.
void set_full_party_context_size(uint32_t len) {
full_party_context_size_ = len;
uint32_t full_party_context_size() const { return full_party_context_size_; }
void set_is_in_nontrivial_first_party_set(bool is_member) {
is_in_nontrivial_first_party_set_ = is_member;
bool is_in_nontrivial_first_party_set() const {
return is_in_nontrivial_first_party_set_;
// Convenience method for where you need a CookieOptions that will
// work for getting/setting all types of cookies, including HttpOnly and
// SameSite cookies. Also specifies not to update the access time, because
// usually this is done to get all the cookies to check that they are correct,
// including the creation time. This basically makes a CookieOptions that is
// the opposite of the default CookieOptions.
static CookieOptions MakeAllInclusive();
bool exclude_httponly_;
SameSiteCookieContext same_site_cookie_context_;
bool update_access_time_;
bool return_excluded_cookies_ = false;
SamePartyCookieContextType same_party_cookie_context_type_ =
// The size of the isolation_info.party_context plus the top-frame site.
// Stored for logging purposes.
uint32_t full_party_context_size_ = 0;
// Whether the site requesting cookie access (as opposed to e.g. the
// `site_for_cookies`) is a member (or owner) of a nontrivial First-Party
// Set.
// This is included here temporarily, for the purpose of ignoring SameParty
// for sites that are not participating in the Origin Trial.
// TODO( remove this field.
bool is_in_nontrivial_first_party_set_ = false;
} // namespace net