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# Using CCache on Mac
[ccache]( is a compiler cache. It speeds up
recompilation of C/C++ code by caching previous compilations and detecting when
the same compilation is being done again. This often results in a significant
speedup in common compilations, especially when switching between branches. This
page is about using ccache on Mac with clang and the NinjaBuild system.
## Installation
In order to use [ccache]( with
[clang](, you need to use the
current [git HEAD](, since the most recent
version (3.1.9) doesn't contain the
[patch needed]( for using
[the chromium style plugin](
To install ccache with [homebrew](, use the
following command:
brew install --HEAD ccache
You can also download and install yourself (with GNU automake, autoconf and
libtool installed):
git clone git:// cd ccache
./configure && make && make install
Make sure ccache can be found in your `$PATH`.
You can also just use the current released version of ccache (3.1.8 or 3.1.9)
and disable the chromium style plugin with `clang_use_chrome_plugins=0` in your
## Use with GN
You just need to set the use\_ccache variable. Do so like the following:
gn gen out-gn --args='cc_wrapper="ccache"'
## Build
In the build phase, the following environment variables must be set (assuming
you are in `chromium/src`):
export CCACHE_CPP2=yes
export CCACHE_SLOPPINESS=time_macros
export PATH=`pwd`/third_party/llvm-build/Release+Asserts/bin:$PATH
Then you can just run ninja as normal:
ninja -C out/Release chrome
## Optional Steps
* Configure ccache to use a different cache size with `ccache -M <max size>`.
You can see a list of configuration options by calling ccache alone. * The
default ccache directory is `~/.ccache`. You might want to symlink it to
another directory (for example, when using FileVault for your home