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# Updating Chromium to a new Fuchsia SDK
1. Check the [Fuchsia-side
job]( for a
recent green archive. On the "SUCCEEDED" link, copy the SHA-1 from the
`gsutil.upload` link of the `upload fuchsia-sdk` step.
0. Put that into Chromium's src.git `build/fuchsia/` as `SDK_HASH`.
0. `gclient sync && ninja ...` and make sure things go OK locally.
0. Upload the roll CL, making sure to include the `fuchsia` trybot. Tag the roll
with `Bug: 707030`.
If you would like to build an SDK locally, `tools/fuchsia/` tries to
do this (so you can iterate on ToT Fuchsia against your Chromium build), however
it's simply a copy of the steps run on the bot above, and so may be out of date.
In order to sync a Fuchsia tree to the state matching an SDK hash, you can use:
`jiri update`
If you are waiting for a Zircon CL to roll into the SDK, you can check the
status of the [Zircon
Checking the bot's [list of
might be useful too.