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# Linux Development
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Please join us on IRC for the most up-to-date development discussion:
``, `#chromium`.
## Checkout and Build
See the [Linux build instructions](
## What Needs Work
Look at the Chromium bug tracker for
[open Linux issues](
Issues marked "Available" are ready for someone to claim. To claim an issue, add
a comment and then a project member will mark it "Assigned". If none of the
"Available" issues seem appropriate, you may be able to help an already claimed
("Assigned" or "Started") issue, but you'll probably want to coordinate with the
claimants, to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.
Issues marked with HelpWanted are a good place to start.
### New Bugs
If you think you have discovered a new Linux bug, start by
[searching for similar issues](
When you search, make sure you choose the "All Issues" option, since your bug
might have already been fixed, but the default search only looks for open
issues. If you can't find a related bug, please create a
[New Issue]( Use the linux defect template.
## Contributing code
See [Contributing code](
## Debugging
See [Linux debugging](
## Documents
[Linux Graphics Pipeline](