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# Linux SUID Sandbox Development
*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Linux SUID sandbox is almost but not completely removed.
This page is mostly out-of-date.*
For context see [LinuxSUIDSandbox](
We need a SUID helper binary to turn on the sandbox on Linux.
In most cases, you can run `build/` and it'll install
the proper sandbox for you in `/usr/local/sbin` and tell you to update your
`.bashrc` if needed.
## Installation instructions for developers
* If you have no setuid sandbox at all, you will see a message such as:
Running without the SUID sandbox!
* If your setuid binary is out of date, you will get messages such as:
The setuid sandbox provides API version X, but you need Y
You are using a wrong version of the setuid binary!
Run the script mentioned above, or do something such as:
* Build `chrome_sandbox` whenever you build chrome
(`ninja -C xxx chrome chrome_sandbox` instead of `ninja -C xxx chrome`)
* After building, run something similar to (or use the provided
# needed if you build on NFS!
sudo cp out/Debug/chrome_sandbox /usr/local/sbin/chrome-devel-sandbox
sudo chown root:root /usr/local/sbin/chrome-devel-sandbox
sudo chmod 4755 /usr/local/sbin/chrome-devel-sandbox
* Put this line in your `~/.bashrc` (or `.zshenv` etc):
export CHROME_DEVEL_SANDBOX=/usr/local/sbin/chrome-devel-sandbox
## Try bots and waterfall
If you're installing a new bot, always install the setuid sandbox (the
instructions are different than for developers, contact the Chrome troopers). If
something does need to run without the setuid sandbox, use the
`--disable-setuid-sandbox` command line flag.
The `SUID` sandbox must be enabled on the try bots and the waterfall. If you
don't use it locally, things might appear to work for you, but break on the
(Note: as a temporary, stop gap measure, setting `CHROME_DEVEL_SANDBOX` to an
empty string is equivalent to `--disable-setuid-sandbox`)
## Disabling the sandbox
If you are certain that you don't want the setuid sandbox, use
`--disable-setuid-sandbox`. There should be very few cases like this. So if
you're not absolutely sure, run with the setuid sandbox.
## Installation instructions for "[Raw builds of Chromium]("
If you're using a "raw" build of Chromium, do the following:
sudo chown root:root chrome_sandbox && sudo chmod 4755 chrome_sandbox && \
export CHROME_DEVEL_SANDBOX="$PWD/chrome_sandbox"
You can also make such an installation more permanent by following the
[steps above](#Installation-Instructions-for-developers) and installing
`chrome_sandbox` to a more permanent location.
## System-wide installations of Chromium
The `CHROME_DEVEL_SANDBOX` variable is intended for developers and won't work
for a system-wide installation of Chromium. Package maintainers should make sure
the `setuid` binary is installed.