Reland "Replace String with WebMessagePayload for AndroidX WebMessage API"

This is a reland of commit bc7514a7cf7b67ffc3fb0698310a23246df5a7c5

- Keep WebContents#postMessageToMainFrame(String, ...), it's used
by downstream.

Original change's description:
> Replace String with WebMessagePayload for AndroidX WebMessage API
> Design doc:
> This CL did not add new features.
> - Add a new boundary type WebMessagePayload to replace String
> WebMessage.getData().
> - Add new data class MessagePayload in content/, and replace existing
> PostMessage API with the new type.
> - A followup change will add ArrayBuffer support in
> WebViewCompat.postMessageToMainFrame and
> WebChannelCompat.postMessage.
> How to test: run tests in existing AndroidX Webkit.
> Bug: 1023334
> Change-Id: Ib5b35b974bee597a6efada75503c5288f7058c50
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> Reviewed-by: Bo Liu <>
> Reviewed-by: Richard Coles <>
> Reviewed-by: Peter Conn <>
> Commit-Queue: Linyue He <>
> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/main@{#995852}

Bug: 1023334
Change-Id: I9e2fa991d04e575add848d908a5d097a35a990b2
Reviewed-by: Bo Liu <>
Commit-Queue: Linyue He <>
Reviewed-by: Richard Coles <>
Reviewed-by: Peter Conn <>
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This folder contains a shim layer between the public frameworks APIs (android.webkit.*) and WebView's implementation, and allows them to (mostly) not directly depend on each other.

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//android_webview/java/ must not depend on this directory.

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