Android: Add webview boundaries apk for lint

Lint no longer runs per-library so we need an apk to ensure these
interface boundaries remain at minSdkVersion 14.

Switch @TargetApi to @RequiresApi for lint.

Add this apk to android_compile_dbg so that it is verified by the CQ.

Bug: 1017190,1082319
Fixes: 1082319
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Webkit Boundary Interfaces

Note: the canonical copy of the boundary interfaces lives in the chromium repository; this subdirectory of chromium is mirrored into the Android project for use by the webkit AndroidX module.

If you‘re reading this file in the Android repository, don’t make changes in this folder. Please make changes in chromium, or contact the OWNERS in frameworks/support/webkit/.

If you're reading this file in the chromium repository, you should feel free to make changes. Please be aware that this folder has strict import requirements (enforced by DEPS), because it must continue to build when mirrored into Android.