Roll breakpad 37070c5..eaedc45

eaedc45 Improve stack sanitization unittests.
0ca6751 Handle ntdll only emitting PUBLIC at func entry
c7e826f Make stack sanitization elide pointers to non-executable mappings.
918f3dc Use the correct PC when determining whether to skip storing a stack.
f9d3ab8 minidump: mark Read as override in derived classes
3ff7ca4 Fix compile errors arising from compiling breakpad with clang.
3996c1b libdisasm: add upstream/license details
603f8b6 There is no need to use the main queue just for perform selector.
e6123b1 Appveyor CI for Windows MSVS build
376784d processor: drop set-but-unused variable
122d65d macho_reader_unittest: use EXPECT_FALSE
093fab2 windows: fix build on pre-Win10 systems
620e0fb windows: update gtest/gmock paths
fc92bb3 fix write() unused-result warning
d5f233d Fixed leak of unloaded module lists.

symupload.exe was built by generating a vsproj using gyp, and building a
Release build in VS 2015.

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