Revert "Use the authoritative upstream source for Breakpad, move to third_party"

This reverts commit 5b41612edd88c44f77a686d85f0a8d7cc42ba56e.

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> Use the authoritative upstream source for Breakpad, move to third_party
> Breakpad was being synced from a read-only mirror of a subdirectory
> rather than the authoritative upstream source. This encouraged Chrome
> developers to send patches against the read-only mirror. Those patches
> couldn’t be committed and needed to be duplicated in the correct
> repository. Once, a patch against the read-only mirror accidentally was
> committed, and it broke mirroring.
> This odd setup existed from the time of the git migration. Prior to
> that, Breakpad was hosted in Subversion, and Chrome incidentally pulled
> Breakpad’s src subdirectory rather than the entire trunk directory.
> Because it wasn‘t easy to do the same thing with git, the read-only
> mirror of src was created to avoid having to change lots of paths in
> Chrome. But now I’m changing the paths.
> This also moves Breakpad from the top-level breakpad directory in Chrome
> to third_party/breakpad. It should have been there all along, but
> Breakpad was one of the earliest dependencies added to Chrome, and at
> that time, there was no firm policy on where to put Google-originated
> external code.
> Bug: 766917
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Bug: 766917
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