Root DFM R file extends base module R file

Changed package names for DFMs and the base module to be more
consistent. Consistent naming makes life easier and this change
allows us to get rid of resource_rewriters for webview.

Example: gen.base, or gen.vr. DFM root R java files
extending base R java files allows for references to base module
resources through feature's resource class (see

As a result, resource_rewriters was removed and in
WebViewChromiumAwInit org.chromium.android_webview.R is imported.
The onResourcesLoaded call in webview now fixes up package IDs for
all resources, not just webview's.

Due to DFMs extending base module resources, an overly broad proguard
rule in ar core was found which caused base module resources to be
kept. A change was submitted for ar core cr/251682834 which changes
this rule and will be available in ar core versions >= 1.11. Thus,
an instance with the change of the rule is used for ar core until


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