Roll src/third_party/dawn/ b2e4a961f..b07c12077 (3265 commits; 4 trivial rolls)

$ git log b2e4a961f..b07c12077 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2022-04-06 rharrison Remove hooks that are causing *-rel builds to fail
2022-04-06 jrprice Add Tint's .clang-format file to src/tint
2022-04-06 bclayton DEPS: Fix paths to clang-format
2022-04-06 dawn-autoroll Roll ANGLE from ca3b7d35fef0 to 152616eedcfd (8 revisions)
2022-04-06 dawn-autoroll Roll vulkan-deps from a7760fb18903 to 746dd371204b (17 revisions)
2022-04-06 cwallez CommandBufferVk: Update an ASSERT with copy format compatibility.
2022-04-06 dawn-autoroll Roll SwiftShader from d3cc7d7ac0c3 to 9c16e141823e (3 revisions)
2022-04-06 afdx AST fuzzer: reduce depth for unary wrapping
2022-04-06 amaiorano Add option to auto generate bindings for external textures
2022-04-05 jrprice validation: Allow storage atomics without structs
2022-04-05 jrprice wgsl: Make colon optional for case statements
2022-04-05 senorblanco GLSL: fix "uniform" qualifier on texture parameters.
2022-04-01 afdx AST fuzzer: limit unary expression wrapping
2022-04-01 zhaoming.jiang Fix default case must at last assertion in Switch()
2022-04-01 jamessliu2020 AST fuzzer: wrap unary operator
2022-03-31 jrprice Add compound assignment to the M102 release notes
2022-03-31 jrprice glsl: Implement compound assignment
2022-03-31 jrprice spirv: Implement compound assignment
2022-03-31 jrprice hlsl: Implement compound assignment
2022-03-31 jrprice msl: Implement compound assignment
2022-03-31 jrprice Add ExpandCompoundAssignment transform
2022-03-31 jrprice HoistToDeclBefore: Add InsertBefore method
2022-03-31 jrprice wgsl: Add support for compound assignment
2022-03-31 jrprice resolver: Validate compound assignment statements
2022-03-31 jrprice ast: Add a CompoundAssignmentStatement node
2022-03-31 jrprice resolver: Refactor binary operator type resolution
2022-03-31 amaiorano HLSL: workaround FXC error "continue cannot be used in a switch"
2022-03-31 dsinclair Update style_guide c++ version.
2022-03-30 amaiorano Factor out GetInsertionPoint to transform/utils
2022-03-30 jrprice builtins: Add smoothstep, deprecate smoothStep
2022-03-30 jrprice builtins: Use commas for struct members in tests
2022-03-28 amaiorano Implement discard semantics
2022-03-28 amaiorano test-runner: add 'fxc-and-dxc' arg to run both FXC and DXC for HLSL
2022-03-28 rharrison Normalize DEPS to ease merging with Dawn
2022-03-28 amaiorano Implement mixed vector-scalar float % operator
2022-03-28 jrprice wgsl: Separate struct members with commas
2022-03-25 afdx AST fuzzer: change binary operator
2022-03-23 amaiorano Add e2e test for
2022-03-23 amaiorano Fix test-runner not skipping dirsWithNoPassExpectations
2022-03-23 jrprice wgsl: make if/switch parentheses optional
2022-03-22 bclayton resolver: Fix ICE when using a builtin as a type
2022-03-21 jrprice Remove support for the elseif keyword
2022-03-21 jrprice Remove support for the @stride attribute
2022-03-21 jrprice test: Regenerate vk-gl-cts WGSL sources
2022-03-21 jrprice Remove support for [[attribute]] syntax
2022-03-21 jrprice Remove @block attribute
2022-03-21 rharrison Clean up OWNERS file
2022-03-16 jrprice Terminate line comments with \v, \f, and \r
2022-03-16 bclayton Fix oss-fuzz build failure
2022-03-15 bclayton Error on invalid UTF-8 sequences
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add SwitchStatement tests
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add more StructMember tests.
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add Struct IsValid tests.
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add SetDecoration to_str test
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add ReturnStatement test
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add RelationalExpression tests
2020-03-17 dsinclair Add tests for RegardlessStatement
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add tests for NopStatement.
2020-03-16 dsinclair More module IsValid tests
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add MemberAccessorExpression tests
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add LoopStatement AST tests
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add LocationDecoration ToStr test.
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add KillStatement AST tests
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add tests for if statement AST
2020-03-16 dsinclair Add identifier expression tests
2020-03-13 dneto spv: Build internal representation of the SPIR-V
2020-03-13 dneto spv: reject invalid SPIR-V
2020-03-13 dneto Add SPIR-V parser impl
2020-03-12 dsinclair Add IdentifierExpression to WGSL writer.
2020-03-12 dsinclair Start WGSL writer
2020-03-11 dsinclair Always define TINT_BUILD_SPV_PARSER.
2020-03-10 dneto Add a FailStream error reporting helper
2020-03-10 dneto Add stub unit tests for spv parser
2020-03-10 dneto Instantiate a stubbed SPIR-V parser if file ends in .spv
2020-03-10 dsinclair Add function tests
2020-03-10 dsinclair Add fallthrough statement tests
2020-03-10 dsinclair Add builtin decoration to_str test.
2020-03-10 dsinclair Add binding decoration to string test
2020-03-10 dsinclair Extend entry point to str testing
2020-03-10 dsinclair Extend array accessor validity checks
2020-03-10 dsinclair Add else statement AST tests
2020-03-10 dsinclair Add DecoratedVariable tests
2020-03-09 dsinclair Add ContinueStatement unit test
2020-03-06 dsinclair Add ConstInitializerExpression tests
2020-03-06 dsinclair Add cast expression tests
2020-03-06 dsinclair Add case statement tests
2020-03-05 dsinclair Add test for call expression
2020-03-05 dsinclair Add BreakStatement test
2020-03-05 dsinclair Add test for assignment statement.
2020-03-05 dsinclair Add gclient files to gitignore
2020-03-05 dsinclair Add unit tests for AsExpression
2020-03-05 dj2 Move build_module into an anonymous namespace
2020-03-05 rharrison Convert dependency management to using gclient
2020-03-05 dsinclair Add issue tracker to README
2020-03-04 sarahmashay v-0001: Only allowed import is GLSL.std.450
2020-03-04 dsinclair Fixup googletest deps
2020-03-04 dsinclair Switch to the chromium mirror for DEPS
2020-03-03 dsinclair Add unit test for ArrayAccessorExpression
2020-03-03 dneto Rolling 3 dependencies
2020-03-02 dsinclair Initial commit

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  6. ipcz.gni
  8. pdfium.gni
  10. spirv_tools.gni
  11. swiftshader.gni
  12. tint.gni
  13. vulkan_common.gni
  14. vulkan_headers.gni
  15. vulkan_loader.gni
  16. vulkan_tools.gni
  17. vulkan_validation_layers.gni

Build overrides in GN

This directory is used to allow different products to customize settings for repos that are DEPS'ed in or shared.

For example: V8 could be built on its own (in a “standalone” configuration), and it could be built as part of Chromium. V8 might define a top-level target, //v8:d8 (a simple executable), that should only be built in the standalone configuration. To figure out whether or not it should be in a standalone configuration, v8 can create a file, build_overrides/v8.gni, that contains a variable, build_standalone_d8 = true. and import it (as import(“//build_overrides/v8.gni”) from its top-level file.

Chromium, on the other hand, might not need to build d8, and so it would create its own build_overrides/v8.gni file, and in it set build_standalone_d8 = false.

The two files should define the same set of variables, but the values can vary as appropriate to the needs of the two different builds.

The build.gni file provides a way for projects to override defaults for variables used in //build itself (which we want to be shareable between projects).

TODO( Ideally //build_overrides and, in particular, //build_overrides/build.gni should go away completely in favor of some mechanism that can re-use other required files like //.gn, so that we don't have to keep requiring projects to create a bunch of different files to use GN.