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$ git log 955113db3..fbddc4698 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-04-03 nicolasweber libcxx: Add _LIBCPP_NODISCARD_EXT to 38 more functions
2019-04-03 ldionne [libc++] Use std::is_nothrow_callable for std::invoke according to LWG 2807
2019-04-03 sbenza Add more benchmarks for literal strings.
2019-04-03 ldionne [libc++][NFC] Rename test file according to the libc++ convention
2019-04-03 ldionne [libc++] (Take 2) Correctly handle Objective-C++ ARC qualifiers in std::is_pointer
2019-04-03 hans Revert "[libc++] Correctly handle Objective-C++ ARC qualifiers in std::is_pointer"
2019-04-03 phosek [CMake] Differentiate between static and shared libc++abi
2019-04-03 bion [libcxx] [test] Add missing <stdexcept> to name std::out_of_range to string.conversions\stold.pass.cpp.
2019-04-03 bion [libcxx] [test] Use ptrdiff_t rather than int in splice_after_range.pass.cpp to avoid narrowing from pointer subtraction to int warnings.
2019-04-03 bion [libcxx] [test] Fix test bugs in string.cons/copy_alloc.pass.cpp.
2019-04-03 mclow.lists Fix backwards test that I committed yesterday. Sigh
2019-04-02 ldionne Revert "[libc++] Fix error flags and exceptions propagated from input stream operations"
2019-04-02 ldionne [libc++] Fix build when exceptions are turned off
2019-04-02 ldionne [libc++] Fix error flags and exceptions propagated from input stream operations
2019-04-02 ldionne [libc++] Correctly handle Objective-C++ ARC qualifiers in std::is_pointer
2019-04-02 ldionne [libc++] Remove use of auto with actual type
2019-04-02 ldionne [libc++][NFC] Remove useless public: label at the end of class
2019-04-02 mclow.lists Special case some duration arithmetic for GCC and PPC because their long double constant folding is broken. Fixes PR#39696.
2019-04-02 mclow.lists Fix typo that I introduced in r357413. Thanks to for the catch.
2019-04-02 eric Fix a number of bugs in __val_expr's subset operator[].
2019-04-01 ldionne [libcxx] Make sure reference_wrapper works with incomplete types
2019-04-01 mclow.lists Fix PR#41323 'Race condition in steady_clock::now for _LIBCPP_WIN32API'. thanks to Ivan Afanasyev for the report.
2019-04-01 ldionne [libc++] Declare std::tuple_element as struct instead of class
2019-04-01 mclow.lists Fix PR41130 - 'operator/ of std::chrono::duration and custom type'. Thanks to Zulan for the report, and Howard for the direction of the fix.
2019-03-31 eric Make common_type's implementation common
2019-03-29 eric Mark fenv.h as a system header before the #include_next directive
2019-03-28 mclow.lists Fix PR#35967: '<regex> syntax_option_type is not a proper bitmask' Sadly, this is an ABI break, so it's only available if you define either '_LIBCPP_ABI_VERSION > 2' or '_LIBCPP_ABI_UNSTABLE' or '_LIBCPP_ABI_REGEX_CONSTANTS_NONZERO' and rebuild your dylib.
2019-03-28 ldionne [libc++] Remove unnecessary <iostream> #includes in tests
2019-03-28 mclow.lists Reworked all the utilities/meta tests to use ASSERT_SAME_TYPE instead of 'static_assert( is_same<'. Much easier to read. I left two tests alone: is_same.pass.cpp, which should call 'is_same' directly, and common_type.pass.cpp, which Eric is working on. NFC intended
2019-03-28 ldionne [libc++] Rename span's as_writeable_bytes to as_writable_bytes
2019-03-27 thomasanderson Fix and speedup __libcpp_locale_guard on Windows
2019-03-27 Casey Fix occurrences of _LIBCPP_ASSERT in span tests
2019-03-27 ldionne [libc++] Add proper XFAILs for shared_mutex tests

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