Revert "Roll GN from r1496 (0790d304) to r1546 (b85982b3)"

This reverts commit a10dd1dc6898c6459b7cb61f913f3772948c4b53.

Reason for revert: The newer GN seems to be computing runtime_deps wrong; see

Original change's description:
> Roll GN from r1496 (0790d304) to r1546 (b85982b3)
> Now that we can use CIPD to install GN binaries, we can finally
> roll GN and catch up w/ multiple months of changes :)
>     b85982b3 visual_studio_writer: Make OutDir equal to $(SolutionDir).
>     9434c3d2 Make compatible with python3
>     b199e54b [docs] : Split 'gn help' heading and usage summary when exceed 80 cols
>     5bc90b63 stdout: use dim colors
>     24411bec Make gn check faster
>     3941394b [docs] regenerate docs/
>     93ac4e04 Some documentation of gn check --check-generated
>     fd1532f2 [docs] Fix Markdown format missing `
>     74657a61 Add gn check --check-generated to check dependencies of generated files
>     6b943827 Fixed typo (missing parenthesis) in get_path_info documentation
>     d062e74f Improve config documentation.
>     e15f243a Pass -pthread, not -lpthread, in ldflags.
>     013513c9 gn recipe: Do not pass libraries in LDFLAGS in the Linux recipe
>     1152229e Pass -pthread via ldflags, not libs
>     01237e9c Remove references to ARM-optimized math implementation
>     0ac93dd2 For proper order put -lpthreads as a 'library' not a 'linker flag'
>     1ab6fa2c Attempt to unbreak build with MSVC 15.8.4
>     082fbe39 Pass -lpthread when linking instead of -pthread
>     d69a9c37 [help] Fixing help issues.
>     04685d69 Add --dump-json-tree option for format subcommand.
>     57586fdb Suppress warning on VS2017.
>     4dcd2776 Port to FreeBSD.
>     5519dc2f Reintroduce the ICF flag, turn it on for bots
>     53107bfc [infra] Update XCode version
>     377ad041 Enable LTO for release builds
>     282a428c Disable ICF on Darwin, make it default for Release
>     71b537ce [format] Extend `gn format` to take a list of files.
>     b5a2ac6e Improve help output.
>     d837047a format: Ensure that formatting always reaches a fixedpoint in one run
>     8ed01d3b Docs: regenerate docs
>     d84a862e More efficient Value implementation.
>     bcfb6471 cleanup label_ptr.h
>     88bd8a8d build/ Add --no-strip option.
>     894143c3 format: Fix incorrect dewrap of `if`
>     45314e29 [metadata] Return metadata in postorder.
>     e49432fa [metadata] Actually collect the metadata
>     c1780c21 [metadata] Allow specification of rebase dir
>     5a9e0a2c [metadata] Adding metadata vars to write_data target
>     d021d391 [metadata] Add generated_file target type
>     27b66b57 Allow whitespace in include directives.
>     c6841d31 Fix a crash on invalid on `not_needed(scope)` without a 2nd argument.
>     54be6f11 Allow NOSORT to be the last line in a comment in addition to the first.
>     a07831bb [metadata] Adding `meta` command
>     0587778f [metadata] Walk function
>     96c77296 [metadata] Add metadata walk to target
>     a27e8dc0 [metadata] Adding basic metadata walking
>     2000587b [metadata] Adding metadata output to gn desc
>     0e1b8843 [metadata] Adding metadata variable to target
>     ecc95221 Add links to the "Using GN build" presentation.
>     13ac6ca4 Test that not_needed works with forward_variables_from
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