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2021-02-17 mvanotti [libunwind] Add support for PC reg column in arm64
2021-02-11 peter libunwind: Don't attempt to authenticate a null return address.
2021-02-16 zibi [SystemZ][ZOS] Prefer -nostdlib++ as opposed to -nodefaultlibs when building c++ libraries
2021-02-13 kbessonova [libunwind][cmake] Add an option to enable/disable tests
2021-02-11 shivam98.tkg [NFC][libunbind] Fix Sphinx error during CMake invocation
2021-02-01 shivam98.tkg [Branch-Rename] Fix some links
2021-01-26 tstellar Bump the trunk major version to 13
2021-01-10 raul [CMake] Remove dead code setting policies to NEW
2020-12-26 marukawa [VE] Support VE in libunwind
2021-01-13 rprichard [libunwind] Unwind through aarch64/Linux sigreturn frame
2020-11-23 git [libunwind] Multiple preprocessor fixes on PowerPC*
2020-11-21 i [libunwind] Delete unused handlerNotFound in unwind_phase1
2020-11-11 daniel.kiss [libunwind] LIBUNWIND_REMEMBER_HEAP_ALLOC to cmake.
2020-11-09 ldionne [runtimes] Avoid overwriting the rpath unconditionally
2020-11-09 i [libunwind] Delete unused codeOffsetAtStackDecrement/registersInOtherRegisters/sameValueUsed
2020-11-06 ldionne Revert "Allow running back-deployment testing against libc++abi"
2020-07-08 ldionne Allow running back-deployment testing against libc++abi
2020-10-30 daniel.kiss [libunwind] Support DW_CFA_remember/restore_state without heap allocation.
2020-10-29 daniel.kiss [libunwind] Fix linker flag handling in the tests.
2020-10-23 martin [libunwind] Add -Wno-dll-attribute-on-redeclaration when building for windows
2020-10-23 ldionne [runtimes] Revert the libc++ __config_site change
2020-06-26 ldionne [take 2] [libc++] Include <__config_site> from <__config>
2020-08-24 dominik.montada [libcxxabi,libunwind] support running tests in standalone mode
2020-10-13 teemperor Fix all the CMake code that can only handle -stdlib= but not --stdlib=
2019-11-27 martin [libunwind] [SEH] Don't interact with foreign exceptions
2020-10-08 ldionne [runtimes] Use int main(int, char**) consistently in tests
2020-09-29 daniel.kiss remove copybara initialization artifacts
2020-09-29 daniel.kiss Copybara Service Migration Initialization.
2020-09-29 daniel.kiss [AArch64] Add v8.5 Branch Target Identification support.
2020-09-23 rprichard [libunwind] Optimize dl_iterate_phdr's findUnwindSectionsByPhdr
2020-09-23 rprichard [libunwind] Combine dl_iterate_phdr codepaths for DWARF and EHABI
2020-09-21 [cmake] Centralize LLVM_ENABLE_WARNINGS option
2020-09-16 daniel.kiss [libunwind] Support for leaf function unwinding.
2020-09-18 daniel.kiss Revert "[libunwind] Support for leaf function unwinding."
2020-09-16 rprichard [libunwind][DWARF] Fix end of .eh_frame calculation
2020-09-16 daniel.kiss [libunwind] Support for leaf function unwinding.
2020-09-09 ldionne [libcxx] Simplify back-deployment testing
2020-09-09 rprichard [libunwind] Bare-metal DWARF: set dso_base to 0
2020-08-27 rprichard [libunwind] Replace chain-of-ifdefs for dl_iterate_phdr
2020-09-03 rprichard [libunwind] Minor SJLJ config cleanup. NFCI.
2020-08-20 raul [CMake][compiler-rt][libunwind] Compile assembly files as ASM not C, unify workarounds
2020-08-18 rprichard [libunwind] Factor out getInfoFromFdeCie. NFCI.
2020-08-19 rprichard [libunwind] Minor fixes in libunwind
2020-08-16 martin [libunwind] Convert x86, x86_64, arm64 register restore functions to C calling convention and name mangling
2020-08-25 mikael.holmen [libunwind] Fix warning when building without frameheader cache
2020-08-24 rprichard [libunwind] Remove static_assert / __has_feature macros
2020-08-22 rprichard [libunwind] Make findUnwindSectionsByPhdr static
2020-08-17 martin [libunwind] Ensure enough alignment for unw_cursor_t for SEH build configurations
2020-08-18 saugustine Default to disabling the libunwind frameheader cache.
2020-08-17 stevenwu [libunwind] Remove compatibility support for macOS 10.6
2020-08-11 ldionne [libunwind] Fix incorrect check for out-of-boundedness
2020-08-11 ldionne [libunwind][NFC] Fix typo in comment
2020-08-03 daniel.kiss [libunwind] Make the test depend on the libunwind explicitly.
2020-07-31 notstina [libunwind] Add -Wno-suggest-override to CMakeLists.txt.
2020-07-29 abidh [libunwind] Provide a way to set '_LIBUNWIND_IS_BAREMETAL' through cmake.
2020-07-24 ldionne [libunwind] Remove old keymgr related logic
2020-04-22 ldionne [CMake] Bump CMake minimum version to 3.13.4
2020-07-16 ldionne [runtimes] Move the enable_rtti Lit parameter to the DSL
2020-07-16 ldionne [runtimes][NFC] Remove unused or unnecessary CMake variables
2020-07-13 rprichard [libunwind] Fix getSLEB128 on large values
2020-07-13 rprichard [libunwind] Fix CIE v1 return address parsing
2020-07-15 hans Bump the trunk major version to 12
2020-06-30 ldionne [runtimes] Rename newformat to just format, now that the old format has been removed
2020-06-26 ldionne [runtimes] Remove the ability to select the old libc++ testing format
2020-06-25 ldionne [libunwind] Allow specifying custom Lit config files
2020-06-18 compnerd unwind: EHABISectionIterator `operator!=`, constify `operator-`
2020-06-13 amanieu [libunwind][RISCV] Track PC separately from RA
2020-06-11 ldionne [libc++] Allow specifying arbitrary custom executors with the new format
2020-06-09 ldionne [libc++abi][libunwind] Don't override libc++'s handling of exception features
2020-06-09 ldionne [NFCI] Clean up exceptions related CMake and Lit options in libc++abi and libunwind
2020-05-29 compnerd unwind: use a more portable endianness check in EHABI
2020-05-15 compnerd unwind: fix unwind build without heap
2020-04-23 smeenai [libcxx][libcxxabi][libunwind] Use libgcc on Android
2020-04-17 ldionne [libc++/abi/unwind] Rename Lit features for no exceptions to 'no-exceptions'
2020-04-08 ldionne [libunwind] Enable the new libc++ testing format by default
2020-04-09 brian.cain [libunwind] add hexagon support
2020-04-09 maskray [libunwind] Clean up __arm64__
2020-04-08 ldionne [libunwind] Fix incorrect lit substitutions in tests
2020-04-07 jgorbe [libunwind] Fix UB in EHHeaderParser::findFDE
2020-04-06 jaskiewiczs [libunwind] Support the new libc++ test format
2020-03-30 saugustine Exit unwinding early when at the top of the stack and additional info won't be found.
2020-03-22 sledru Doc: Links should use https Cr-Mirrored-From: Cr-Mirrored-Commit: 72fd1033ea577a769cc855fde6b5576b82380715
2020-03-13 mikael.holmen [libunwind] Silence warnings when __mips_hard_float is not defined
2020-03-12 saugustine Only run frameheader_cache_test.pass.cpp on x86_64.
2020-03-12 saugustine Add a catch-all else case so any unanticipated configs pass this test.
2020-03-10 saugustine Cache uwnind frame headers as they are found.
2020-03-04 saugustine Lazily save initialState of registers during unwind.
2020-03-10 leonardchan [libunwind] Remove __FILE__ and __LINE__ from error reporting
2020-03-06 saugustine Rework findUnwindSectionsByPhdr to be more optimal.
2020-03-05 saugustine Split findUnwindSectionsByPhdr into target-specific functions.
2020-03-04 saugustine Promote nameless lambda used by dl_iterate_phdr to named function.
2020-03-04 mikhail.maltsev Revert "Promote nameless lambda used by dl_iterate_phdr to named function to clean up control flow inside findUnwindSections. Also, expose the data structure"
2020-03-02 saugustine Promote nameless lambda used by dl_iterate_phdr to named function to clean up control flow inside findUnwindSections. Also, expose the data structure to allow use by a future replacment function.
2020-02-21 smeenai [arcconfig] Delete subproject arcconfigs
2020-02-20 bigcheesegs [libunwind][CMake] Treat S files as C to work around CMake bug.
2020-02-18 jgorbe [libunwind] Fix memory leak in handling of DW_CFA_remember_state and DW_CFA_restore_state
2020-02-10 compnerd unwind: rename `__personality_routine` to `_Unwind_Personality_Fn`

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