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    9a0496a7 Make data_deps in copy() targets work.
    fa40610a include the missing tuple deps in
    0ce25e39 [rust-project] switch cfgs to new list schema
    c7bbac32 Don't assert on gn builds without any target.
    d26b346f Specify deps format for actions
    317fdc1d Support specifying required Ninja version
    89483505 Fix incorrect check for expansion of {{bundle_root_dir}}
    981f46c6 Make simple build example runnable on macOS
    0a9affbe Update docs/
    b175fa5d Add Ihor Karavan to list of authors
    c494b98a Add Oleksandr Motsok to list of authors
    1a34e42d Fix a comment regarding --ide=json builder
    382f5ef9 Divide sources between targets and add include paths to them
    86df3084 Add support escape JSON string to stream for export compile commands
    db57fe08 Revert "Specify deps format for actions"
    d2f5e438 Add new build configuration variable to add an extension to build file names.
    7d9b8111 Specify deps format for actions
    2c801de7 Fixes typo in example
    f4545417 [rust-project] Only list direct dependencies, not transitive deps


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