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Wanted for bug 948588:

$ git log 9b96c3dbd..5938e0582 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-05-22 eric Speculative fix for std stream destruction order on Windows.
2019-05-20 mclow.lists Ensure that hash<basic_string> uses char_traits. Fixes PR#41876. Reviewed as
2019-05-17 eric Fix missing std:: qualifier in __gnu_cxx::hash_map in C++03
2019-05-17 eric Remove `using namespace std;` in __gnu_cxx namespace.
2019-05-16 mclow.lists Improve the test coverage for std::is_base_of
2019-05-14 mgorny [libc++] [test] Use std::nextafter() instead of std::nexttoward()
2019-05-13 bcain [libcxx] teach type_traits test about long uint32_t
2019-05-13 mclow.lists Add a test for LWG#3204 and mark it as complete. Reviewed as  Thanks to Zoe for the patch.
2019-05-09 eric force the bots to cycle
2019-05-07 mclow.lists Mark private function __sign as constexpr.
2019-05-06 eric Remove unneeded <algorithm> include in cmath.
2019-05-06 phosek [libcxx] Don't use -fvisibility-global-new-delete-hidden when not defining them
2019-05-03 nicolasweber Mark is_trivially_destructible as unsupported with apple-clang-9
2019-05-02 Casey [libc++][test] Remove non-portable assumption that thread's constructor allocates with ::new
2019-05-02 ldionne [libc++][CMake] Link against libSystem on Apple platforms
2019-05-02 phosek [gn] Support for building libc++
2019-05-02 bcain [libcxx] cmake - guard list remove
2019-05-01 danalbert Add missing locale requirement to test.
2019-05-01 dan433584 [WebAssembly] WASI support for libcxx
2019-05-01 mclow.lists Get rid of a bunch of 'unused variable' warnings in test when run with debug_level set. NFC
2019-05-01 phosek [libcxx] Move CMake file to src, avoid using globs
2019-05-01 mclow.lists Fix a bunch of unordered container tests that were failing when _LIBCPP_DEBUG was set.
2019-04-30 eric Support overaligned types in `aligned_storage`.
2019-04-30 ldionne [libc++][CMake] Refactor how we link against system libraries
2019-04-30 mclow.lists Implement LWG 2960: nonesuch is insufficiently useless
2019-04-30 mclow.lists Mark LWG#2977 as 'Nothing to do'. NFC
2019-04-29 mclow.lists Add tests specifically for LWG2164. We already did this; but now we have tests. NFC
2019-04-28 eric Fix permission error while running bots
2019-04-28 eric attempt to unbreak build bots
2019-04-28 eric Attempt to switch to auto-scaling bots
2019-04-26 mclow.lists Add '_LIBCPP_ASSERT(ready())' to several match_results method that have this precondtion. Fix several tests which did not honor this precondition. Thanks to Andrey Maksimov for pointing this out.
2019-04-26 ldionne [libc++] Relax libc++-only test on regex_constants
2019-04-26 chandlerc Fix r359229 which tried to fix r359159...
2019-04-26 eric add tuple_cat test for const T
2019-04-26 eric Fix return type of std::tuple_cat.
2019-04-25 richard-llvm Remove incorrect explicit instantiation declarations for valarray
2019-04-25 richard-llvm Remove libc++ checks and workarounds for unsupported old versions of GCC (<4.9).
2019-04-25 richard-llvm Fix buildbot failures after r359159.
2019-04-25 martin Set _LIBCPP_DLL_VIS on _LIBCPP_EXTERN_TEMPLATE_TYPE_VIS in MinGW mode
2019-04-25 Casey [libc++][test] Fix noexcept assertions in variant's get tests
2019-04-25 mclow.lists Implement 'lerp'; which is the last bit of P0811. Mark that paper as complete.
2019-04-25 mclow.lists Implement midpoint for floating point types. Reviewed as
2019-04-25 mclow.lists Update test to better check for the non-constexpr-ness of a move constructor. Fixes PR#41577.
2019-04-25 richard-llvm Use modern type trait implementations when available.
2019-04-24 eric Add std::is_constant_evaluated.
2019-04-24 mclow.lists Make the test object callable. libstdc++'s bind checks that (libc++ currently does not). Thanks to Jonathan Wakely for the fix.
2019-04-24 mclow.lists Fix a one more compare test that assumed -1/0/1 instsad of <0/0/>0. NFC.
2019-04-24 mclow.lists Fix a couple of tests that assumed that compare retunred -1/0/1 instead of <0/0/>0. Thanks to Jonathan Wakely for the report.
2019-04-24 mclow.lists Add an any_cast test for array types. Thanks to Jonathan Wakely for the suggestion.
2019-04-24 eric Avoid name conflict with kernel headers
2019-04-23 phosek [libcxx] Use relative path for libc++ library when generating script
2019-04-23 eric Fix namespace name conflict with GCC
2019-04-23 eric Fix implementation of ::abs and std::abs LWG 2192.
2019-04-23 ldionne [libc++] Remove redundant conditionals for Apple platforms
2019-04-22 phosek [libcxx] Update to support different input and output
2019-04-22 Casey [libc++][test] Update some wstring_convert tests for MSVC quirks
2019-04-19 Casey [libc++] [test] Silence C++20 deprecation warnings in the MSVC STL
2019-04-19 thomasanderson [libc++] Make __debug_less::operator() constexpr
2019-04-18 ldionne [libc++] Link against libc++abi in the libc++abi tests
2019-04-18 bion [libc++] [test] Add missing required headers to midpoint.integer.pass.cpp
2019-04-18 ldionne [libc++] Make sure we re-export some missing libc++abi symbols from libc++
2019-04-18 ldionne [libc++] Unconditionally enable the __pad_and_output optimization
2019-04-18 ldionne [libc++][CMake] Always provide new/delete in libc++ unless specified otherwise
2019-04-17 ldionne [libc++][CMake] Remove unnecessary conditional for defining new handlers
2019-04-17 phosek [CMake] Split linked libraries for shared and static libc++
2019-04-17 ldionne [libc++] (Take 2) Add a test that uses the debug database from multiple threads
2019-04-17 ldionne [libc++][CMake] Allow building neither the shared nor the static library
2019-04-17 ldionne [libc++] Use the no_destroy attribute to avoid destroying debug DB statics
2019-04-17 ldionne Revert "[libc++] Add a test that uses the debug database from multiple threads"
2019-04-17 ldionne [libc++] Add a test that uses the debug database from multiple threads
2019-04-17 ldionne [libc++][NFC] Make size of allocation more self-documenting
2019-04-17 eric Fix visibility for coroutine types on Windows
2019-04-17 mclow.lists Add tests for stability to list::sort and forward_list::sort. Thanks to Jonathan Wakely for the notice
2019-04-16 mclow.lists Fix list/forward_list implementations of remove_if and unique to deal with predicates that are part of the sequence passed in. We already do this for remove.
2019-04-16 ldionne [NFC] Build libc++ verbosely in the macOS CI
2019-04-16 ldionne [libc++] Make sure we use new/delete from libc++abi on CI for Apple platforms
2019-04-16 ldionne [libc++] Remove old workaround for buildit
2019-04-15 ldionne [libc++] Fix debug_less test in C++03

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